Poets Conference

National Poets Conference organized by Hindi Academy of Delhi on 10/08/2019 at PGDAV (EVE) College in which veteran poets attended.

Among these poets, big poets like Dinesh Suryavanshi, Mehak, Arjun Sisodia, Sehnaaz Hindustani, Kunwar Bechain and Shom Thakur presented their compositions.
In which poets of Veer Ras, Shringar Ras, Humor Ras, etc. poets presented their compositions.

The purpose of this program was not only to entertain but to attract those students towards the love of the country and also to impart knowledge.

(National Poets Conference)Dinesh Suryavanshi 1, 2, 3, 4, poetries

Country love was reflected in the poems of Dinesh Suryavanshi, the auditorium echoed with applause after listening to his poems. He lashed out at the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti and said the poem “Who put his name Mehbooba” and also presented his compositions on the love of other countries.

Arjun Sisodiya poetries 

When listening to Arjun Sisodia’s poem of Veer Ras, the thunderous applause was not stopping in the audience. He presented poems in memory of Shahid Jawan.

Shom Thakur

At the end of National Poets Conference, among all the poets, the senior poet Shom Thakur adored everyone by performing his poem “Mere Bharat ki Mati”. This poet conference lasted till 8 in the evening, after its completion, all poets took photos with the students sitting there. And gave blessings to those students to succeed in the future.

You can see the poetries after the click on the links. 

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