IPL 2024 Retained Players List

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IPL 2024 Retained Players List: Check Full List of retained players by all teams CSK, RCB, SRH, MI, GT, RR, LSG, KKR, DC, PBKS ahead of IPL auction IPL 2024 Retained Players List: The Indian Premier League 2024 (IPL 2024) is preparing for the mini-auction on Tuesday, December 19, in Dubai. However, cricket enthusiasts were […]

Indians from rural life to urban life

Indians from rural life to urban life

A journey of change from ‘Mera Parivaar’ to ‘It’s my family’, Indians from rural life to urban life Indians, from rural life to urban life-> In the last few years, this type of communication has become common in urban homes, where people decide to separate from family for minor convenience, to avoid some inconvenience.In India, […]

Birds flying high in the sky

Rüppell’s Griffon Vulture

The birds that fill the sky with the highest flight Birds flying high in the sky -> We have many such things and creatures about which we do not know many interesting things and it is because we are so lost in our lives that we do not think about the creatures and things around […]

How to book train tickets from Amazon

How to book train tickets from Amazon

Train tickets will be booked from Amazon.in, bumper cashback, and much more How to book train tickets from Amazon -> After online ticket booking of IRCTC, train tickets can now be booked through another online platform. Train ticket booking will start soon from Amazon (Amazon.in). Live train tracking will also be available on Amazon with […]

Benefits of playing video games

Benefits of playing video games, games

Research has found that playing video games like children helps to increase working memory. Also, people can see a lot of positive changes by playing video games and playing games helps people to increase their skills. Benefits of playing video games -> There is good news for video game players. Yes, research has found that […]

PUBG Mobile New Update 1.0

PUBG Mobile Update 1.0, pubg

PUBG Mobile Update 1.0: Downloading new updates in India (APK + OBB) PUBG Mobile New Update 1.0 -> While Indian gamers are disappointed about the PUBG Mobile Update ban, PUBG Mobile has rolled out a new update 1.0. In the new update v1.0, the long-awaited Erangel 2.0 map update will be given, along with many […]

how much LPG cylinder price

Know how much LPG cylinder price, lpg, lpg price

LPG Cylinder: First good news in September! Know how much LPG cylinder price has become how much LPG cylinder price -> Earlier, in July, the price of 14.2 kg LPG Cylinder (LPG Cylinder) was increased by 4 rupees. At the same time, 14.2 kg non-subsidized LPG cylinder became expensive by Rs 11.50 in Delhi during […]

Micromax set to make a comeback

Micromax set to make a comeback, will launch 20 new smartphones Micromax is about to make a comeback in the smartphone market with 20 new smartphones. It is reported that the company may launch a new smartphone in late September. The company gave its return information by posting a video from the official Twitter handle. […]

made in India SmartPhones

Indian mobile companies not Chinese – these are made in India SmartPhones, see list Due to recent tensions between India and China at the borders of countries, many Indian citizens have decided to ban the products of Chinese as well as other countries. People are willing to use those things which are made in India. […]

Android 11 phone new features

Android 11 official, know what are the new features

Android 11 official, know what are the new features Available today: @Android 11 Beta → https://t.co/f5EGxhUDBr 💬 New ways to make communicating easier 🔗 New ways to control connected devices 🔒 New privacy controls #Android11 pic.twitter.com/wWe2ZVaKcO — Google (@Google) June 10, 2020 Android 11 phone new features -> Google has made it’s next operating system […]

Samsung launches new Galaxy A31

Samsung Galaxy A31

Samsung launches new smartphone of Galaxy A series, know the features and price here Samsung Galaxy A31 is the third series of Galaxy A smartphones to be launched this year, with a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED Infinity-U display. This device will be available in Prism Crush Blue, Black, and White color variants, which customers can buy […]

how to Find the fake website and email

Hackers take the name of famous companies

Find the fake website and email by these methods, do not click on these how to Find the fake website and email-> Cases of online fraud in India have increased rapidly during the lockdown. Recently, the cyber cell of Maharashtra issued an alert, urging people not to click on the message or email from a […]

How does Facebook shop work

Facebook started online shop service

Facebook started online shop service for small businessmen to get out of the epidemic, will be able to start work by taking orders How does Facebook shop work->Businesses around the world have been affected by the Kovid-19 epidemic. In such a situation, Facebook has started an online shop service to help businesses and merchants facing […]

Nokia 220 4G feature phone

price of the Nokia 220 4G

Nokia 220 4G feature phone launched, it will get a strong battery and snake game No other brand is present yet to compete with Nokia in the feature mobile phone segment. Nokia has now launched its new feature mobile phone Nokia 220 4G in China. Smartphone manufacturer Nokia (HMD Global) has now launched its new […]

Update Aadhaar Card Address Online

Update Aadhaar Address Online

Update Aadhaar Address Online: Now change your Aadhaar card address from mobile at home, know what is the process Update Aadhaar Card Address Online-> At this time the Aadhar card has become the most basic and important document for every Indian. Aadhar card is required to avail of almost all government services and facilities. But […]

EPFO changed this rule

PF: Changes in the rules for withdrawing funds from the account, you have to do this work

PF: Changes in the rules for withdrawing funds from the account, you have to do this work EPFO changed this rule-> In the wake of the coronavirus epidemic, the country has been locked down till May 3. In such a situation, if you need money, then you can withdraw from your Provident Fund (PF) account. […]

New motivational thoughts

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Best top 5 houghts कुछ दर्द अपनों ने दिये तो कुछ दर्द सपनो ने दिये हाँ, दवा मिल गयी है जख्म भरने की कोशिश कर रहा हूँ। बस कोई अपना ना मिले अब इसी बात से डर रहा हूँ। New motivational thoughts तुझसे बात करने को तरस रहा हूँ पर मेरी अपनी ही कसमों ने बाँध रखा है।जानता हूँ तेरे बिना जी […]

New Motivational thoughts

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best 5 Thoughts motivational thoughts पूरी दुनिया भुला दूँगा पर एक बार तू याद तो कर जिन्दगी से कभी नहीं जाऊँगा तू करीब आने की फ़रियाद तो कर! हाँ दर्द होता है मुझे तब जब तू जिक्र किसी दूसरे का करती हैक्युकी मेरी ये रूह खुद से ज्यादा फिक्र मे तेरी हर पल मरती है छोड़ दिया मैनें लोगो की कदर करनाकिसी […]

New motivational Poetry & Thoughts


1/10 जिंदगी किसी के लिये नही रुकती वक़्त के साथ सब बदल जाते है। वो तो हम है जो आज भी तेरे इंतज़ार मे है नहीं तो वादों की क्या बात करे इतने मे तो लोगो के लफ्ज़ बदल जाते । 2/10 शुरु हो चुका हूँ अब रुकना नहीं है मुझे, मुसीबतो के आगे अब और […]

Make money by the opening charging station

Invest in the American stock market sitting in India

Make good money by the opening charging station, the central government is giving special training! The government has started a new initiative to stop the increasing pollution in the country. Along with reducing pollution under this initiative, the youth of the country will also get employment. Let us know that the central government Make money […]

Stock Market

Invest in the American stock market sitting in India

Budget 2020: These shares will make good earnings, invest money keeping in mind the budget Stock Market: Given the strong financial condition of the company, Ashish Maheshwari, director of Blue Ocean Strategic Advisors, says that when the company has so much growth and there is no debt on the company and there is clear visibility […]

Thoughts of the day

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_Vv_thoughts, Thoughts of the day नाकामयाब होने पर भी ऐ-दोस्त कभी कोशिश करना मत छोड़ना अपने प्यारे से अरमानो को एक कागज के टुकडे से मत तोलना क्योंकि एक कागज बस केवल अंको की तालिका दिखाता है तुम क्या चीज हो ये आपको एक दिन आपका हुनर ​​और वक़्त ही बताता है। shop now Vv_thoughts […]

thought of the day

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thought of the day shop now मेरे अल्फाजों को बुरा मत समझना क्यूंकि सबकुछ जानकर भी मैं नादानहूँ, मेरी इन गलतियों में, मैं अंजान हूँ, मुझे नहीं आता किसी से प्यार जताना, क्यूँकी मैं भगवान नहीं एक मुर्ख इंसान हूँ, हाँ, माना कि गुस्से में गलत बोल देता हूँ पर तुम्हारे सिवा सबके आगे मैं वीरान हूँ, माना गलती […]

New thought

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New One motivational thought ♠ I am looking for light in the dark I am in the sky even while on the ground Every day I go to find a new star Move on every day with a new hope. (thought) shop now Andhero me roshni ki talaash me hu Zamee par rehte huye bhi […]


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Vv_thoughts unhen kya pata zindagee kaise kaat raha hoon hisse mein dukh hai phir bhee khushiyaan baat raha hoon har roz nayee pareshaaniyon se lad raha hoon par saath hee saath unhen khone se bhee dar raha hoon jaanata hoon kabhee ab ye dostee kee dor jod nahin paoonga koshish kar raha hoon par ye […]

National Poets Conference

कवि सम्मेलन, pgdav college, poet conference

Poets Conference National Poets Conference organized by Hindi Academy of Delhi on 10/08/2019 at PGDAV (EVE) College in which veteran poets attended. Among these poets, big poets like Dinesh Suryavanshi, Mehak, Arjun Sisodia, Sehnaaz Hindustani, Kunwar Bechain and Shom Thakur presented their compositions. In which poets of Veer Ras, Shringar Ras, Humor Ras, etc. poets […]

माँ की ममता

maa ki mamta,poem on monther

(…. माँ की ममता ….) Ek raat main apane kamare mein so raha tha Sote sote yoonhee kisee sapane mein kho raha tha. Achaanak ek aahat se meree neend ud gaee, Saamane dekha to ek parachhaee meree maan kee or mud gaee. Mainne darate hue kaha mat jao meree maan so chukee hai, Vah bolee […]

poems about family | सच्चाई

poems about family | सच्चाई

सच्चाई सुन लो मेरे भाइयो, तुम को दिल की बात बताता हूँ | कोई मुझे क्या बोलेगा, इससे बिल्कुल न घबराता हूँ | रोज चाय की टपरी पर, तू उसको चाय पिलाता है | पर शायद तू भूल रहा, कि तुमको कौन खिलाता है | उसकी पसंद की हर वस्तु , तू उसको लाकर देता […]

Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse for Windows and Mac

-> The mouse adapter is located on the bottom of the panel, the USB port can be found by opening the battery cover behind the mouse. -> Wireless operating distance: approx. 10 meters, 1A battery, 12-month battery life -> Wireless operating distance: approx. 10 meters, 1A battery, 12 months battery life -> Sensor technique: Advanced […]

Lectronic Smart Large Waterproof Pouch for Tablet

M.R.P.:    4,499.00  Sale:    3,007.00 FREE Delivery. You Save:    1,492.00 (33%) Inclusive of all taxes Product information Technical Details Brand Lectronic Smart Item Height 12.1 Centimeters Item Width 44 Millimeters Item Weight 90.7 g Product Dimensions 25.4 x 4.4 x 12.1 cm Item model number LS411WPP

Camera Case For Samsung Galaxy S8

DailyObjects Designer Printed Slim Hard Polycarbonate Mobile Back Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S8 (Ultra Protective/Anti Shock) Samsung Galaxy S8 phone new cover. Protects the thin, light and durable case with scratches and drops. The protection of the case on the screen provides raised lips in full button and access ports: therefore this case is […]


SONY A9F TV PRICE IN INDIA Sony A9F we retrieve the picture frame design seen with the A1, but under the hood, so the TV is powered by the final X 1 chip, which Sony introduced in CES 2018. Chip is capable of object-based rendering, which means that the TV is available in 55 and […]

vivo v11 Review

verdict VivoV11 is a good smartphone because that offers all the premium features and is available at a mid-range price. The screen is very attractive and is one of the main features of the device. The cameras are worth clicking on delicious images. The battery and storage in the device are quite adequate and meet […]

Samsung Galaxy S10+

Samsung Galaxy S10+ review Samsung is known for its interesting designs. other Android manufacturers were considering adopting screen notes, Samsung opposed the move and with the traditional rectangular screen format. new line of Samsung Galaxy S10 can be seen as a company effort to maximize the size of the screen and reduce the edges. The […]

Samsung Galaxy M10 phone

The Samsung Galaxy M10 smartphone was launched in January 2019. This phone comes with a 6.22-inch touch screen, which has a resolution of 720 pixels at 1520 pixels. The Samsung Galaxy M10 is powered by an octa-core 1.6GHz processor and comes with 3GB of RAM. The phone includes up to 32 GB of internal storage […]

Samsung Galaxy M20 smartphone

  The Samsung Galaxy M20 smartphone was launched in January 2019. This phone comes with a 6.30-inch touchscreen display, which is 1080 pixels at 2340 pixels resolution. The Samsung Galaxy M20 is powered by 1.6GHz octa-core (2×1.8GHz + 6×1.6GHz) processor and comes with 3GB of RAM. The phone has 32GB of internal storage which can […]