Find the fake website and email by these methods, do not click on theseHackers take the name of famous companies

how to Find the fake website and email-> Cases of online fraud in India have increased rapidly during the lockdown. Recently, the cyber cell of Maharashtra issued an alert, urging people not to click on the message or email from a company called Mont Blanc. Let us tell you that Mount Blanc is a world-famous pen manufacturer and the price of this company’s pen is in millions. Hackers have duped people by taking advantage of the name of this company. So in such a situation, it is necessary to identify the fake websites and emails or messages.

Pay attention to the words

First, before opening any e-mail and website, check the spelling of the text written on it. Typically fake e-mail and words on the site are spelled incorrectly. Also, grammar also has many mistakes. At the same time, there is no such mistake in the real site and email.

Hackers take the name of famous companies

Often hackers try to trick people by resorting to the names of world-famous companies. If you have also received an e-mail or message from any company, do not click on the link given in it. Let us tell you that companies do not send direct e-mail or message to people.

Check URL

This is also a way to identify fake sites and e-mails. Mouse over any matching link before opening it. Now you will see the original URL and hyperlink as a popup. With this, you will be able to identify fake websites.

Do not share personal information

Many times hackers send e-mails or messages for the purpose of cheating by resorting to the names of famous companies. Be alert in such a situation. In any case, do not provide your password, personal data, and debit or credit card information. With this you will be able to protect yourself from fraud.

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