Android 11 official, know what are the new featuresAndroid 11 official, know what are the new features

Android 11 phone new features -> Google has made it’s next operating system Android 11 official. The company has announced its next operating system beta program with its social media handle. Under this beta program, developers and smartphone maker companies will also be able to test their user interface with this latest operating system. Google was supposed to announce its latest operating system through a virtual event, but the company canceled the event. The company has given information about this through its blog post.

canceled this virtual live event

In its blog post, Google has written that we have canceled this virtual live event in view of the apartheid impasse in the US, because people would have focused on it at the launch event. Google has released its Android 11 beta program as a short video. It has also been shared on the company’s official social media handle.

Google was scheduled to hold the launch event of its latest operating system on June 3, but the virtual event had to be canceled due to protests in the US. Google has further written in its blog post that we are happy that we are going to tell you more about Android 11, but this is not the time to celebrate.

Privacy feature becomes even better

Among the new features being added to Android 11 are one time access to location, microphone and camera data access. Due to this new feature, developers will get more and more information. Due to this new option, developers who create the app will get access to the user’s data as long as the user uses the app. If the user leaves using an app, then the developer will not have access to the data related to the user’s location etc.

Fake call filter

Another major upgrade that has been seen in Android 11 is that now users will get freedom from spam calls. Android 11 will get access to stop call screening apps. With the help of this software, the apps will find out about the call using artificial intelligence, which can prove to be a great weapon to check spamming and fake calls. Apart from this, it will also have a record as to why any user has rejected a call. If the users give permission, then the calling app of Android 11 will be able to detect whether the call is being made from any of your contact list or a call is being made from an unknown number.

big challenge for Google

Currently 90 percent of the world’s smartphones run on Android operating system only. In such a situation, it is going to be a big challenge for Google that how soon this new operating system will be rolled out to users. The biggest challenge with Google is that there may be a delay in bringing Android 11 to users due to wireless carriers and handset manufacturers.

Android 11 phone new features

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