PM Modi says to ISRO scientists – salute your family

Let us tell you that the contact with Chandrayaan-2 lander Vikram was lost on Friday-Saturday night. After this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi present in ISRO Center said, see life’s ups and downs.

चंद्रयान 2,chandrayaan 2 news
चंद्रयान 2

After Chandrayaan-2 ‘lander’ Vikram ‘lost contact with the ground station a few minutes before touching the moon’s surface, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday encouraged the scientists to make their heart smaller due to the obstacles in the mission. Do not, because there will be a new dawn.

The Prime Minister told the scientists, ‘Every difficulty, every struggle, every difficulty, goes by teaching us something new, motivates us for some new inventions, new technologies, and that determines our future success. If someone is the greatest teacher of knowledge, then it is science. In his address to ISRO’s Mission Control Center, the Prime Minister said, ‘Science does not fail, only experiments and efforts take place’.

He said, ‘We have to learn a lesson, we have to learn. We will definitely succeed. Success will be with us. Modi said, ‘We will definitely succeed. Success will be with us in the next attempt of this mission as well as in every subsequent effort.

Our spirits are not weak – PM

चंद्रयान 2,chandrayaan 2 news
Chandrayaan 2

He told the scientists, ‘You took it forward with every minute of hard work. Today, even though there have been some obstacles, but our spirits have not been weakened by this but have become stronger. Today, the last step in our path has come to a halt but we are not deterred from our destination.

He said that our will power to reach and embrace the moon has become stronger.

Modi said, ‘We stand in solidarity with our scientists. Every Indian is proud of his scientists and the space program. Our program has not only worked for the betterment of our citizens but also other countries of the world. Our scientists have a significant contribution from healthcare to other fields. The Prime Minister said, ‘As far as our space programs are concerned, the best is yet to come. There are opportunities to explore many new areas. I want to tell my scientists that India is with you. You are distinguished professionals who are contributing to the progress of the nation.

Modi told the scientist-

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PM Modi

Modi told the scientists, ‘For Mother Bharti’s head is high, you spend your whole life for it. I understand your mood last night. Your eyes were saying a lot. I was unable to read the sadness of your face, so I did not stay long between you.

Significantly, India’s Chandrayaan-2 mission suffered a setback in the early hours of Saturday when ISRO lost contact with the lander Vikram just two kilometers before the lunar surface. ISRO said in an official statement that Vikram lander was landing and its work was normal till 2.1 km before the target. After that, the lander lost contact with the center on the ground. The data is being analyzed.

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