Delhi government will create a new education model to meet the challenges of new national education policyeducation model

The new National Education Policy (NEP 2020) put before the country by the central government is being described as revolutionary in many ways.

Delhi government will create a new education model -> Connecting all children above the age of three years with education, skill training to all, and early education in mother tongue is considered a positive change. But with this, the concerns of academics are also coming out regarding the new education policy. Most concern is being expressed that the new policy will increase the marketization of education. This may lead to poor students being deprived of education. There is also no proper system for evaluating the success of the new policy along with aspects of formalizing the education of young children. These questions arising on the new education policy of the Center will be answered in the new education policy of the Delhi government.

Emphasis on psychological development

A meeting was held on Saturday to prepare for the formation of the new Board of Education. An educationist involved in this meeting told Amar Ujala that right now there is a brainstorm about the board’s design and its working method. The subject and syllabus will be decided only after its formation. But one thing has been made clear that the new structure will focus on developing a more serious understanding of the subjects rather than making the students parrot the subjects. Efforts will be made to keep the students free from the fear of examinations, but their development will be constantly monitored by an internal assessment every week and every month. But in this method, there is a possibility that a school, subject teacher or principal can show better results of their students to better themselves. To avoid this, students will also be evaluated by a third party, which will eliminate any such possibility.

Promoting government schools

Government schools will get a boost in the Delhi government’s education model. Steps will be taken to discourage the marketization of education, thereby weakening public school culture. Emphasis will be given on giving the children of migrant laborers full opportunity for development by giving them better opportunities for education. In this model of education, the role of parents will be enhanced so that they can help the government in providing the proper environment for the children.

Skill development

According to the education expert, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has been consistently stressing that instead of making students job seekers, the emphasis should be on making them employable i.e. entrepreneurs. The new concept will also emphasize on providing basic infrastructure to this idea. Economic resources will also be provided by the state government for the students to get higher education or to develop their employment. According to the expert, additional arrangements can be made for this in the government’s education budget in the future.

Artificial intelligence, digitizationSkill development

Most children have access to smartphones, computers or laptops in metros like Delhi. In view of the problem of the Corona period, digitization of education will be emphasized. Adequate education in Artificial Intelligence will be given to children in view of future challenges. Along with technical education, emphasis will be laid on providing a complete education in the local language of children. In terms of Delhi, Urdu, and Punjabi along with Hindi and English can also be considered as a medium of education.

The major concern of the student coming out of corporation schools

A major concern for the Delhi government is the municipal schools and the students studying in them. The three municipal corporations together run about 1660 primary schools. More than 19 thousand teachers/principals teach about seven lakh students. These schools are mostly attended by children from poor and migrant laborers. Apart from this, 30 thousand students study in 45 schools of NDMC.

The Delhi government is worried that these children do not get good quality education, due to which they are not able to develop properly. When these children go to Delhi government schools for sixth and higher studies, then it can be difficult to ensure their quality. A strategy to address the challenges of these students is also being considered in the new board of Delhi Government so that the entire development of children up to 14 years can be done.

The State Council for Educational Research and Training (SCERT) will prepare the syllabus accordingly once the framework of the board is determined.

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