Emphasis should be on the extension of the facility instead of free

The Delhi government has announced a water bill. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that if the meters of the people living in four colonies of E, F, G, H category are operational, then the water dues will be waived.

Earlier, the Delhi government had announced to waive water bill of up to 20 thousand liters per month. Apart from this, the Delhi government had also announced a 50 percent subsidy in electricity bills. Under this, if a person spends 200 units of electricity per month, then his bill will be halved.

Free travel for women in buses. At the same time, Delhi Metro is considering free travel for women, but its approval has not yet been received from the metro and central government. The central and state government hold half of the stake in Delhi Metro. If we look at the announcements of the Delhi government, instead of waiving the bill in Delhi, more attention needs to be given to water supply.

 Even today, many colonies do not get water supply properly

If Talking about buses in Delhi, in terms of environment, there is a need to run electric buses instead of CNG buses, on which the Delhi government needs to pay more attention, not to make the travel free. Talking about the metro, the metro still has not been reached in many places in Delhi, which needs to be expanded. Instead of freeing travel in the metro, if the Delhi government provides funds, then the metro can reach those places too.

Assembly elections are due in Delhi next year. In such a situation, the ruling Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi is seen trying to woo voters through free announcements. If the common people want to see development in their respective areas, then they need more emphasis on expansion of facilities instead of getting free things.

 For example

If water only comes for two times, it needs to be supplied 24 hours

Emphasis should be on the extension of the facility instead of free )

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