Even those without ration cards will get free ration from 07/04/2020, know what the government has an arrangementRation

free ration-> 71 lakh people are cardholders in Delhi, 7.5 kg ration is being given to all those people. An appeal has been made by the government that there is no need to compete for taking ration. In a day you come a few people so that everyone gets ration easily. The distribution of ration will be done until then each person gets it. Even if the ration is over, more ration will be taken from the central government. The government has appealed people not to rush to get ration.

Delhi government has announced to give free ration to such people who do not have ration cards. For those who have applied for making ration cards but have not yet made them, a form has been inserted on the website of the Delhi government for such people. You can register by going to the website. The government said that the need for registration is because if the rations are distributed without registration, the same person can come and take ration many times. To prevent those who have got ration, this registration is being done only.

free ration, people without ration cards can fill this form

The Delhi government has appealed that people without ration cards can fill this form themselves by visiting the website. Apart from this, all the educated or able, they should fill the forms of poor people around them. Hopefully, you will also start getting ration from Wednesday or Thursday. Each person will be given 5-5 kg of ration free of cost.

In the event of a lockdown, the Delhi government has given great relief to the people of Delhi. The government has announced to distribute ration on all government ration shops for seven days. The government has also reviewed the preparations made by the Department of Food and Civil Supplies (F&S) and the Delhi State Civil Supplies Corporation (DSCSC) to give 50 percent more ration free to the beneficiaries of the National Food Security Act in the month of April 2020.

In order to provide ration to all the needy and to maintain social distance during the distribution of ration, the duty of MLA, MP, Counselor, etc. has been imposed at the ration distribution centers by the Government of Delhi.

One lakh testing kits

In Delhi too, more and more people will be investigated on the lines of South Korea. The Delhi government has placed orders for about 1 lakh testing kits, which will be available by Friday. After this, 500 to 1 thousand people can be examined every day. The Delhi government thanked the central government and said that the central government has allotted 27 thousand PPE kits on demand which will be available in a day or two and after that our doctors will be able to remain safe.

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