Google’s AI based photo printing service is going off from June 30, know what is the reason behind it

Google’s AI based photo printing service is going off-> Google has programmed a special algorithm in Artificial Intelligence based photo printing service. Under this, select the best photo from the user’s photo gallery and print it in 4×6 size.

photo printing service

Five months ago Google started a unique artificial intelligence based photo printing service. But now technology company Google is planning to completely stop this service from 30 June. AI Photo Printing Service is a monthly paid service, where users can print the pictures in their collections. However, the reason for the closure of this service has not been revealed yet.

by Engadget

According to a report by Engadget, Google said in a message sent to customers, “Thank you for your feedback sent in the last few months. You have given us a lot of useful information about how we can develop this feature. , Which we hope to make more widely available. Please keep your eye on future updates. ”

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