How to apply e-token to buy liquor

liquor shops

Delhi government’s new formula to reduce congestion, the e-Token system will be applicable to liquor shopsliquor shops

How to apply e-token to buy liquor-> The Delhi government had decided to open liquor shops in the past, after which the shops had long lines. People started opposing this initiative of the government as all the districts of Delhi are in the Red Zone and here Corona cases have been more than five thousand. In view of this, the Delhi government has now launched an e-Token system, so that liquor shops should also be open and people will not have a fair.

What is a new system

The Delhi government has launched an e-Token system for the sale of liquor in the national capital. This decision has been taken in view of the crowd at liquor shops so that social distancing can follow. The government has released a weblink for this.

How to apply e-token to buy liquorliquor shops

How to get liquor on token

Anyone wishing to buy liquor by visiting this link can take time to buy liquor by filling their information. An e-coupon will be sent to his mobile. Delhi government has released a web link If you want to buy liquor, you can take the time to go to the shop to buy liquor by visiting this weblink. You will be sent an e-coupon on your mobile at the time of visiting the shop.

The advantage of this is

The advantage of this is that you will go to the shop between the scheduled time and you will not have to put a long line to buy liquor. On the web link, you have to fill your name and mobile number with your nearest shop address.

People ignored social distancing at liquor shops in Delhi on the very first day of the concession in lockdown. In many places, a rush of people resulted in a stampede situation. Seeing the seriousness of the matter, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also expressed displeasure. He also instructed shopkeepers to follow social distancing.

BJP-Congress assault Delhi government

Let me tell you that the BJP and the Congress targeted CM Kejriwal fiercely for opening liquor shops in Delhi. Both parties said that the state government has taken this decision in a hurry. This may further exacerbate Corona’s transition to the national capital.

Union Health Minister also targetedliquor shops

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan also criticized the Delhi government for opening liquor shops. He said that the Delhi government was busy opening liquor shops when the national capital is still in the Red Zone. He said that the government should review its decision in view of the huge crowd outside the shops.

Delhi government should reconsider the decision: BJP

Delhi BJP leaders on Monday asked the Aam Aadmi Party government to reconsider the decision to open liquor shops in the national capital. He argued that this could lead to an increase in cases of Kovid-19. Leader of Opposition in Delhi Legislative Assembly Ramvir Singh Bidhuri criticized the Delhi government’s decision to open liquor shops. Bidhudi claimed that the move could result in a jump of up to 10 percent in cases of coronavirus.

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