India banned 118 more mobile apps

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India banned 118 more mobile apps including PUBG made in China

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India banned 118 more mobile apps -> The Indian government has banned 118 mobile apps developed in China, including the gaming app PUBG.

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, these applications have been banned because they were involved in activities against India’s sovereignty and integrity, defense of the country and public order.

The statement issued by the ministry said, “This step will protect the interests of crores of mobile and internet users in India. This decision has been taken with the intention of ensuring the security and sovereignty of India’s cyberspace”.

According to the statement, Bharat Sarkara was receiving complaints about these apps from various sources, including reports that users’ data from some mobile apps available on Android and IOS was unauthorizedly stolen and sent to servers located outside India. Were.

224 apps have been banned so far

The last decision to ban 59 Chinese apps was taken a few days after the violent clash between Indo-Chinese soldiers in the Galvan Valley on 15 June in which 20 Indian soldiers were killed. After that, the government had banned 47 apps once more. In this way, the government has banned 224 apps so far.

The decision to ban 118 apps of China has been taken at a time when there are reports of tension between the two countries on the Line of Actual Control or LAC in Ladakh once again.
India has accused China of trying to violate the LAC once again, amid ongoing efforts to relieve tension following the conflict in the Galvan valley.

India’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Srivastava said

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pubg game

India’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Srivastava said on Tuesday that China tried to break the status quo by provoking military action in the South Bank area of ​​Pangong Lake on the night of 29 and 30 August, and on the following day also took action that failed Has been done.
However, China denied this on Tuesday and asked India to stop the provocative action and immediately withdraw its troops who have wrongly violated the Line of Actual Control or LAC.

Recently, the US also banned many Chinese apps.

Recently, the US also banned many Chinese apps. The Trump administration had ordered US companies to stop doing business with Tencent’s WeChat platform.
White House Commerce Advisor Peter Navarro has said that the US administration is considering banning more apps from China.

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