Two parts of earth’s paradise!

72 years later, Article 370 free Jammu and Kashmir will no longer a state, Apart from J&K, Ladakh will also be a special state. J&K now Union Territory and Ladakh will also get status of Union Territory.

What will change in Jammu and Kashmir?

J&K will not have its own police, and there will not be a separate flag and there will be no separate constitution, dual citizenship will also be abolished. The term of the Legislative Assembly was 6 years, it will be abolished and there will be no restriction on outsiders buying land here.

What did Amit Shah say?

Ladakh is a large part of J&K but there is very less population. The demand to make Ladakh a union territory is old. Therefore, the decision to make Ladakh a Union Territory is in accordance with the aspiration of the public. There is no assembly in Ladakh. Apart from this, given the current condition of Jammu and Kashmir, where Pakistan is promoting terrorism, it is also being made a union territory, although Jammu and Kashmir will have an assembly.

Amit Shah
5 August 2019

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