Another shock to China, these two powerful countries will make 5G technology with India

Giving another blow to China, India, the US, and Israel have decided to develop 5G technology together. For this, IT hubs of Silicon Valley, Bengaluru, and Tel Aviv will enhance mutual support. When this technology is developed, it will later be shared with third world countries as well.

All three countries will work on future technologies

Giving information on this important development, US Agency for International Development (USAID) Deputy Administrator Bonnie Glick said that the melting of ice has just begun. This cooperation will deepen in the times to come. The three countries will jointly develop research on future technologies.

Silicon Valley, Bengaluru, and Tel Aviv will become carriers of change

5G technology, 5g in india
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Speaking at a virtual summit, Bonnie Glick said that there was a round table conference on 5G technology in July. The conference was also attended by experts from India and Israel. It was discussed that the cities of Bengaluru, Silicon Valley, and Tel Aviv have gained considerable fame in the development of technology. In such a situation, if the experts of these places join together for the development of 5G and other technologies, then the whole world will benefit greatly.

No country has a monopoly on 5G technology

He said that if the three countries work together then they will be able to play an important role in giving reliable and safe 5G technology to the world. Targeting China indirectly, Bonnie Glick said that we cannot give any country the right to monopolize or suppress other countries in this technology. He said that there is already defense and economic cooperation among the three countries. In such a situation, by working together in the field of technology, they can change the lives of people around the world.

5G technology, 5g in india
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Shining Indian economy in the interest of the world

Nissim Ruben, Assistant Director at Asia Pacific Institute, said that a strong, prosperous and shining Indian economy is in the interest of Israel, America, and many countries of the world. For this goal, India will have to work a lot on farming, water management techniques. The summit was also addressed by Ron Malka, Ambassador of Israel to India, and Sanjeev Singla, Ambassador of India to Israel.

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