Kitchen budget also reduced, so much money cut on LPG cylinder, What is Price of LPG cylinder

What is Price of LPG cylinder

What is Price of LPG cylinder, – Lockdown is going on in many countries of the world including India due to the Coronavirus epidemic. Due to this, the demand for domestic gas (LPG Cylinder), petrol-diesel and electricity (electricity) has come down significantly. This has given good news to customers in the new financial year. The price of 14.2 kg non-subsidized cylinder in Delhi has now gone up to Rs 744. Earlier, a cylinder was getting Rs 805.50 in Delhi. That is, the price has decreased by about 61.50 rupees.

Non-subsidized cylinder cheap

According to the information given on Indane’s website, now the price of the non-subsidized cylinder has been increased to Rs 774.50 in Kolkata, Rs 714.50 in Mumbai and Rs 761.50 in Chennai, which was earlier Rs 839.50, Rs 776.50 and Rs 826 respectively.

Commercial cylinder, Price of LPG cylinder

The price of a 19 kg commercial cylinder has been reduced by Rs 96. A commercial cylinder will now be available for Rs 1285 in Delhi. At the same time, the price of this cylinder in Chennai is Rs 1402. The 5 kg cylinder has also been reduced by Rs 21.50 to Rs 286.50.

Crude oil

Crude oil has reached a 17-year low due to reduced demand. In the US, West Texas Intermediate fell 5.3 percent to $ 20 a barrel and international standard Brent crude fell 6.5 percent to $ 23. The direct impact of falling crude oil prices will be seen on the prices of petroleum products such as gas, petrol, and diesel.

natural gasWhat is Price of LPG cylinder

Every 6 months the prices of natural gas are reviewed and then new prices are released. Gas prices have been increasing continuously for the last two years, but this time there is talk of big cuts. Market experts are assuming that domestic gas prices can come down from $ 3.23 to $ 2.48 / unit.

A look at the market

Natural gas prices are released every 6 months. Gas prices may fall to a three-year low. Gas prices may fall from $ 3.23 to $ 2.48 / unit. The biggest 6-year price cut was estimated in October 2019, after two years the prices had fallen. Prior to this, the gas price formula was implemented from November 1, 2014, for 4 consecutive times. Gas price was $ 2.5 / unit on October 1, 2016 Gas price was $ 2.48 / unit on April 1, 2017 Gas prices were $ 2.89 / unit on October 1, 2017, Prices reached $ 3.23 / unit on October 1, 2019, Has gone.


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