Spending a Lot of Time on WhatsApp May Actually Make You Feel Less Lonely And Boost Your Self Esteem

A study published in the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies found that text-based messaging app, which provides users with a group chat function, has a positive effect on psychological health. The research found that the more time people spend on WhatsApp, as a result of feeling close to friends and family, they are as little as they are, in less time and more than their self-esteem.

“There is a lot of debate about whether spending time on social media is bad for our well-being but we have found that as we think, we can not do that. The more time people spend on WhatsApp, the more it feels closer to them Prof. Linda Kaye said at Edge Hill University, “Kei said,” In addition, these miners are doing this.whatsapp- social mediya networking site,new whatsapp

They were more bonded relationship Rata and more people feel attached to your WhatsApp groups, was equally positive about their self-esteem and social competence, ” Kaye said. It seems that using WhatsApp to connect with our close friends is favorable for aspects of our wellbeing.

For the study, the research team selected 200 users, 158 women and 42 men with an average age of 24, found that the average report of the daily* use of WhatsApp was approximately 55 minutes, because of its popularity and group chat function, people used it Was doing.

whatsapp- social mediya networking site,new whatsapp

“Conclusions show that involving factors related to social bond capital is highly relevant within the region that it is a way to understand how technology is related to psychosocial welfare.

“It gives rise to the assumption that social technology like WhatsApp can stimulate current relationships and communication opportunities, which can enhance the aspects of positive welfare of users,” Kaye said.

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