There were differences between these Indian players too(इन भारतीय खिलाड़ियों के बीच भी मतभेद थे)

Tendulkar ajruddin cricket fight

Sachin and Azharuddin

After a poor performance in the 1999 cricket World Cup, Mohammad Azharuddin was removed from the captaincy and Tendulkar was given the command. But Sachin did not give Azhar a place in the team. However, Azhar returned to the team again in 2000. It is believed that Sachin had differences with Azhar over match-fixing matters.

Sehwag -dhoni
Sehwag -dhoni

Sehwag and Dhoni

During the 2012 Australian tour, Sehwag’s dispute with captain Dhoni increased. Dhoni did not want Gambhir, Sachin, and Sehwag in the team for the ODI tri-series as they felt that all three were sluggish in fielding. Yet, play it. In the first match of the series, Veeru grabbed a catch and asked Dhoni, “Did you see my catch?” Dhoni did not say anything but afterward, he got Viru out of the team.

Kapil and Sunil
Kapil and Sunil

Gavaskar, Kapil

The conflict between Kapil and Sunil Gavaskar increased when Kapil was chosen as the captain of the cricket team in 1983. The same year, Kapil declared the innings when Gavaskar was playing for 236 in the Test played in Madras. Gavaskar became angrier. Later, the board called the meeting and settled the matter.

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