BCCI does not want to terminate contract with China’s mobile company VIVO, explains whyipl 2020, ipl 13,IPL2020

The title sponsor of the Indian Premier League tournament is China’s mobile company VIVO, with which the BCCI has signed a contract till 2022.

BCCI does not want boycott of Chinese mobile company-> The BCCI is set to review its sponsorship policy for the next cycle but has no intention of ending the agreement with the current title sponsor of the IPL, Vivo and the treasurer of the board, Arun Dhumal It is said that India is benefiting from the money coming from the Chinese company in the IPL, not China. The anti-China atmosphere is heated after military tensions between the two countries in Galvan on the border. For the first time in more than 4 decades, at least 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in the violence on the Indo-China border.

boycott of Chinese products is being demandedipl 2020,ipl sesson 13,2020ipl

Since then, boycott of Chinese products is being demanded. Dhumal however said that the country is benefiting from the sponsorship of Chinese tournaments like IPL by Chinese companies. BCCI receives Rs 440 crore annually from Vivo, with which the 5-year agreement will end in 2022. Dhumal said, “Talking emotionally leaves the logic behind. We have to understand whether we are talking about the cooperation of the Chinese company for the interest of China or taking help from the Chinese company for the interest of India. ‘

India is benefiting from this, not China

He said, ‘When we allow Chinese companies in India to sell their products, whatever money they are taking from the Indian consumer, some of it is giving the brand to BCCI for brand promotion and the board is giving 42% tax to the Government of India. Is paying India is benefiting from this, not China.

BYJU’S replaced the Chinese companyBYJU'S

Until September last year, the mobile company Oppo (OPPO) was the sponsor of the Indian team but after that the Bangalore-based educational start-up BYJU’S replaced the Chinese company. Dhumal said that he is in favor of reducing dependence on Chinese products but as long as he is allowed to do business in India, there is nothing wrong in sponsoring Indian brands like IPL.

BCCI does not want boycott of Chinese mobile company

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