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survey:- Big news on Delhi University, 85% of students are not in the condition to participate in the examexam will be announced soon

Delhi University has been closed since mid-March due to the lockdown implemented due to Coronavirus.

Big news on Delhi University-> Important news has come about the Open Book Examination of Delhi University. Delhi University Teachers Association ie DUTA (DUTA) had conducted a survey among more than 50,000 students of DU, in which it has been revealed that 85 percent of students do not feel that they will be able to take part in this exam. Explain that due to Coronavirus, Delhi University is closed in India due to lockdown across the country from March 16.

Students and teachers not in favor of open book exam

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Earlier this month, the management of Delhi University proposed to conduct an Open Book Examination in July for its final year undergraduate and postgraduate students. This proposal was opposed by teachers and students. He said that this proposal is not true because there are a large number of financially weak students including SC, ST, and OBC.

A survey conducted among more than 50 thousand students

A survey conducted among more than 50 thousand students

DUTA conducted a survey on Open Book Examination, in which 51,453 students were asked a total of questions. 92 percent of these students were undergraduates. Also, 50 percent of these students were those who do not have homes in Delhi. In the survey, 33.7 percent of students said that they are not able to take online classes, while 38.5 percent of students have attended less than 50 percent. 11.9 percent of the students said that they did not get any kind of course material for studies during the lockdown. At the same time, 38.1 percent of students said that they are not able to access the study material sent by the teachers.

Only 15.5 percent of students have laptops

Only 15.5 percent of students have laptops

10.9 percent of students have 2G internet connection, while 6.7 percent of students do not have an internet connection. According to 15.5 percent of students, they have laptops while 74.1 percent of students only have smartphones, which is not easy to study on. In fact, at the time when the lockdown was declared, most of the students had returned to their respective homes for the holiday of Holi. Because of this, they could not take the material with them. The number of such students is 55.4 percent. In such a situation, it was revealed in the survey that overall about 85 percent of the students are not feeling themselves in a position to give open-book exams.


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