The political journey of former political chief minister Sheila Dikshit dies due to heart attack, know full political journey

July 20, 2019, Today’s day proved to be a dark day for the country’s diplomacy. Sheila Dikshit, the former Delhi Chief Minister and senior leader of the Congress, died on Saturday afternoon at 3:55 in the evening today.she took her last breath at the age of 81 at the Escort Hospital in Delhi. Her death was due to a heart attack.

Doctors say that Laban was suffering from sickness since time, recently she was getting better health, but suddenly she passed away due to a heart attack. Despite having suffered health-related upsurge for a long time, she has done her job well in the last Lok Sabha election.

(July 21, 2019) Tomorrow her body will be kept at the headquarters of the Cagrus for the last visit, and after the last tribute, there will be a ritual ceremony. With the information of Shela’s death, political corridors also got drowned. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Ramnath Kovid, including Rahul Gandhi, expressed their grief and paid homage to them.

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Sheila Dikshit was always known for her industrious personality. Very few people know that Shela Dikshit started her election journey after marriage. In fact, during her college studies, she met Vinod Dikshit, son of Umashankar, son of the leading leader of the time. During these interactions, the two bonds were tied in bonds. Perhaps at that time, the Shela Dikshit did not even know that the foundation of their political journey was from here.

Where on one side Umashankar was raising his post in the cadre day. On the other hand, Vinod Dikshit was not interested in politics. Although he became the Governor of Bengal after passing the IAS examination, he crossed the politics. During this time, he married Shela Dixit. Due to frequent transfer, Vinod Dikshit had to travel from one place to another because of which Shila also had to go with him.

But due to the poor health of Umashankar, she came to Lucknow. In the meantime, she decided that he would now go ahead with her father-in-law’s political legacy, after which she won his first election in 1984. Fought as a Member of Parliament from Kanauj. In which she also got success During this time, she also represented the Women’s Commission in the United Nations.

After successsheila dikshit ,The political journey of former political chief minister Sheila Dikshit dies due to heart attack, know full political journey

After success in a political career, Shela Dixit had to face the most difficult road of life’s journey in 1987, which died as a result of her husband’s death and died in a rail travel accident. After this, Shela himself had completely stooped in politeness. In 1987, Rajiv Gandhi’s government was elected as a cabinet minister, which proved to be a turning point for her political journey.

In 1998, she was made the President of Delhi Pradesh and this year she contested Lok Sabha elections from East Delhi in which she had to face trial. But from this point of time, taking a hat-trick in the assembly elections by taking a U-turn, for 15 years, Delhi’s ruling party government With this, her relationship with the UPA was broken. During this period, her major achievement was the Delhi Metro plan, which is still appreciated today.

In 2014, sheila Dikshit was forced to kneel down Modi’s wave, due to which he also resigned as president. In 2014, he was also made Governor of Kerala. Recently, he was given the reins of the Delhi Lok Sabha, though he had to face defeat this time too.

Due to her demise, today Indian politics has lost a good leader. It is only from this point that the news of her death came as Delhi B. J. P also canceled all its programs. Two-day state holiday has also been announced in the condolence of his death.

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