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Corona not stopping in the country, 69 thousand new cases in 24 hours, 819 deathscorona, covid-19, coronavirus

Corona not stopping in the country -> The cases of corona are continuously increasing in the country. In the US, Brazil, the number of corona cases and death figures have decreased. But the deadly coronavirus is spreading rapidly in India. In the last 24 hours, 69,921 new cases have been reported in the country. At the same time, 819 people have lost their lives.

According to the latest figures, the total number of patients in the country has increased to 36,91,167. There are 7,85,996 active cases, 28,39,883 have been cured and a total of 65,288 people have died.

Earlier, a record of 78,761 cases was reported in the country on 29 August. WHO has warned about the growing Corona cases, the World Health Organization said that opening everything without control is a disaster.

Corona latest figures in some major statescorona, covid-19, coronavirus

On Monday, 1532 new cases of coronavirus infection were reported in Madhya Pradesh and with this, the total number of people found infected with this virus to date reached 63,965.

On Monday, 592 new patients of Kovid-19 were found in Uttarakhand, taking the number of people suffering from this epidemic to 19827. Apart from this, 12 more patients died of the pandemic.

13 more patients died on Monday due to coronavirus infection in Rajasthan. The total number of deaths in the state has increased to 1056.

After 1,358 new cases of Coronavirus infection were reported in Delhi, the total number of infected people in the city increased to 1,74,748. At the same time, after the death of 18 patients due to infection in the same period, the death toll increased to 4,444.

Drop-in mortalitycorona vaccine

It is a matter of relief that a steady decline in mortality and active case rate is being recorded. The death rate fell to 1.78%. Apart from this, the rate of active cases that are being treated has also come down to 22%. With this, the recovery rate i.e. recovery rate has become 77%. The recovery rate in India is continuously increasing.

Top 5 states in case of active casecorona, virus, covid-19, coronavirus

According to statistics, Maharashtra has the most active cases in the country. More than 1.5 lakh infected people are being treated in hospitals in Maharashtra. Tamil Nadu followed by Delhi, then Gujarat and West Bengal at number five. These five states have the most active cases. India is third in the world inactive cases. India is the third most affected country in the world according to the number of coronaviruses infected and death.

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