covid 19 Strict rules penalty will be taken

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In view of increasing cases of corona virus, Strict rules for violation, penalty will be takencorona | covid 19

covid 19 Strict rules penalty will be taken

In view of the increasing cases of corona infection in Delhi, the rules have been made more stringent.
Provision has been made to observe social distancing and to collect fine from those who do not apply masks.

The Kejriwal government has made the rules more stringent in the wake of the devastating devastation of the deadly Corona virus in the capital Delhi. Now for violating rules, fines may have to be paid. The big thing is that these strict rules issued by the government will remain in effect for one year. According to the latest figures, corona virus cases have increased to 41 thousand 182 in Delhi. Of these, 1327 people have died. There are currently 24 thousand active cases in Delhi.

Which rules are required to be followedlockdown will open in three stages

1. Following the Quarantine Rule
2. Adhering to social distancing
3. Masks required in public places / workplaces
4. Spitting at public places prohibited
5. Ban on consumption of betel leaf, gutkha, tobacco in public places

In Delhi, many departments and officials have been given the responsibility to follow the guidelines made for Kovid-19. Social distancing and the application of masks are considered essential to prevent infection. Delhi government is going to collect penalty from those who have been negligent towards it.

Who is responsible for following the Kovid-19 rules?coronavirus | covid-19 | delhi

1. Secretary, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Delhi
2. Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), Government of Delhi
3. District Officer
4. Chief District Medical Officer
5. SDM
6. District Surveillance Officer
7. Officers of SI and above Delhi Police
8. Provision to be sent to jail with fine

Can there be a fine?

First time penalty of 500 rupees for violation of rules.
One thousand rupees will have to be given for repeatedly breaking the rules.
Action in Section 188 of IPC on non-payment of penalty.

Home Ministry already has rules

The Ministry of Home Affairs has also banned Social Gathering as before. There is a ban on the gathering of more than 50 people in a ceremony and the presence of more than 20 people at the time of funeral. It has also been said in the Central Guidelines that if a person is found spitting in a public place, then penalty will be imposed as per the rules of the state governments. According to the guidelines, use of paan, gutkha, alcohol in public place is also completely banned.

covid 19 Strict rules penalty will be taken

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