The central government said in the Supreme Court, digital media is spreading poisonous hatred and violence

Digital media is spreading poisonous hate ->. The central government in the Supreme Court said on Monday that digital media is spreading poisonous hatred and violence. It is completely uncontrolled and tarnishes the reputation of the people. Filing an affidavit in the Supreme Court, the government said, digital media regulation is also a subject on which the legislature should examine. In a response to a news channel related to the controversial ‘UPSC Jihad’ program of the Muslim community’s infiltration into the civil service, the government said that there is no need for regulation for print and electronic media. If the court still feels that there is a need for regulation, then it should start with digital media. The next hearing will be on Wednesday.

Digital media

Supreme Court

The affidavit filed by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting before the bench of Justices DY Chandrachud, Justice Indu Malhotra, and Justice KM Joseph stated that the apex court should either be responsible for framing new guidelines for print and electronic media. Leave it to the competent authority or it should first exercise to control digital media. According to the affidavit, if broadcasters and publishers feel that they can be targeted with some material, then they resort to digital media to publish that content. In a previous hearing, the Supreme Court had asked the government how the rules for self-regulation of channels could be strengthened further.

Out of 29 crores, one crore got donations from abroad: Zakat Foundation

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Rare power should be used with caution: Supreme Court
Supreme Court

Digital media is spreading poisonous hate -> The bench said it does not have to be a supporter of the program code for any TV channel, but it has to protect human dignity, freedom, and equality enshrined in the Constitution. The bench said that it is a rare constitutional power, which should be used more carefully. Our jurisdiction is not used when alternative civil and personal measures exist. Also, read -> Now buying a house and land all over India can be cheap

Is there any program today that is not offensive: Justice Joseph

Justice KM Joseph said whether there is any program to this day that is not aggressive. Our country has legislation in this regard, under which the government can intervene in these matters. Justice Joseph asked Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, does the government look at such programs and does it see whether it violates the law or not.

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