Is it better to chew basil leaves or just swallow?

Benefits and harms of basil -> There is no doubt about the importance of Tulsi in Ayurveda. But what is the right way to consume it, this question arises again and again. We are telling you the most beneficial way to consume Tulsi. Tulsi is a plant that has been worshiped for centuries, not from today, the Tulsi plant has been revered in Indian culture and civilization. It was talked about the culture and civilizations – now Basil is used in addition to the Puja text, Ayurvedically, and also to avoid diseases.

From blood sugar level to immunity, basil has innumerable benefits. But there are some disadvantages of chewing basil as well. Also, read -> Healthy Food Habits for kids

Benefits of Basil

1 -> Basil has antibacterial properties due to which basil has been used for centuries to prevent colds.

2 -> these antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of Tulsi also make Tulsi effective in removing bad breath.

3 -> Basil increases metabolism of carbs and fat which reduces your blood sugar levels.

4 -> Basil is also very beneficial for the digestive system. Basil helps in improving your digestion by balancing acid reflux.

5 -> Not only this, but it has also been found in various studies that the consumption of basil reduces the chance of cancer. Basil is a major contributor to control oral and breast cancer.

But some side effects of basil chewing have also come out in recent researches, which is necessary to take a look at.

Benefits and harms of basil
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can cause harm to teeth

Benefits and harms of basil -> Consuming basil by chewing affects the color of teeth. According to many scientists, basil leaves contain a small amount of arsenic. If you chew basil, it dissolves in the saliva elements present in the mouth. Due to these, we may have to face such conditions as tooth decay, gums discomfort. Also, read –> Benefits of cardamom eating

Pregnant women cause harm
Pregnant women cause harm
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If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not consume Tulsi at all. According to a study by Himachal Pharmacy College, if you consume basil, the amount of estrogen in your uterus increases, which leads to contraction and can even be a risk of miscarriage.

Have Side Effects on Liver

According to WHO, people who take medicines like acetaminophen, as well as basil, also have an effect on your liver, which damages your liver.

Fertility also affects

Consumption of Tulsi leaves affects fertility in women and men, which is why infertility has emerged as a common problem today. Tulsi has the ability to reduce reproductive hormones.

The right way to consume basil

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