Eating green cardamom daily provides these health benefits, relieving gas problems

Benefits of cardamom eating -> Spices are not only used in food in India, they are also used to cure diseases like Ayurvedic medicines. In earlier times, grandmothers used to tell about homegrown prescriptions related to spices, including green cardamom at home. Green cardamom is used as a spice by the people. People use it most in sweet dishes to enhance the fragrance and taste. Cardamom easily found in the kitchen has many health benefits. Daily consumption of green cardamom gives you many health benefits. Also, read -> How to reduce uric acid?

Green Cardamom
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Mouth freshener

Cardamom is used as a mouth freshener, as it removes the smell of the mouth. If you have a bad mouth odor, then chew one or two cardamoms after eating food. This will keep the digestion fine and will also get rid of bad odor.


Somebody has a problem that when there is gas in their stomach, then headaches start. So eat cardamom. This makes your digestion process smooth. Headache due to gas also provides relief. Consumption of cardamom also relieves acidity problems caused by indigestion. After taking food, put cardamom in the mouth and walk for about a hundred steps. Also, read -> What is the new education policy 2020

Blood pressure controlled

Cardamom helps to flush out toxins (toxic substances) of the body. It contains minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Cardamom intake is also helpful in controlling blood pressure. Also, read -> Diabetes patients should not consume these 4 fruits

Benefits in problems like cold, cough also

Cardamom also provides relief in problems like a cold, cough. If there are chest tightness and difficulty in breathing due to a cold, add a few drops of cardamom oil to warm water and steam it for 15 minutes. It clears phlegm so that you get relief from cold and cold.

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