What is the new education policy 2020

Education divided into four parts

New Education Policy 2020. Education divided into four parts. Multi Exit New Education PolicyNew Education Policy 2020

What is the new education policy 2020 -> Now the new education policy is being introduced. Where earlier in the country used to study according to 10 + 2, now it has been reduced to 5 + 3 + 3 + 4. Many changes have been made under the new Education Policy. In the new education policy, the educational structure is divided into four parts. The first five nurseries will be KG and Upper KG. After this, the children will reach the first and second class. For this, the NCRT will now create a new special curriculum.

What is the new education policy 2020

Many questions have been raised about the education system of our country, but despite this, no major changes were seen in it. But now a big change has been made by the Modi government. Where earlier students had to study 10 + 2. It has now been converted into four parts. The first to come in this is the pre-school where the children will have to spend three years in school before the first and second. In this, all the education of the children will be done in the mother tongue, now English will be seen as the only language. Under the new education policy, now the rote process will stop and the way of learning will be changed.

Second part of new education policy for 3 years

This second part will comprise students of class III, IV and V. In this, children will be given knowledge of mathematics and arts in different ways. The second part of Nai Shiksha NIti will include children from 8 years to 11 years. In this also, all subjects will be taught on a practical basis.Multi Exit New Education Policy

New secondary education policy

This section will include students of classes 6,7, and 8th. These three classes will teach subject-based curriculum. Skill development courses will be started from class 6 onwards. It will be mandatory for students to do internship. However this internship will be of 10 days only. Apart from this, coding will also be taught to students in these classes. The New Education Policy will cover students from 11 years to 14 years. This will also include creating content in regional languages ​​of online education, virtual labs, digital libraries.

Multi Exit New Education Policy

IMS students from class 9th to 12th will be included. There will be a focus on board examination in this. Also, now the stream system will be completely finished. That is, if the students want to study humanity with biology, then they will also be able to do it. That is, students will be able to choose all the subjects according to their own so that there will be no pressure on them.

There will be some such new education policy in colleges

There are millions of students all over the country who leave or miss college after studying for a year, which they have no benefit, but now it will not happen. If a student leaves college after one year, it will be considered as a certificate course. At the same time, diploma certificate will be given to the student studying for two years. That is, at any time and at any level, exit from the college can be taken.

new Education Policy 2020 Main PointsEducation divided into four parts

In the multi-entry and exit system, certificate will be given after the first year, diploma after the second year and degree after three-four years.

All higher education institutions of the country, except legal and medical colleges, will be by single regulator.

To get admission in colleges, students have to pass through the entrance examination. This will also benefit those who could not get better numbers in class 12th.

The school curriculum will be reduced to the main concept. With this, under the new National Education Policy, vocational education integration will be included from 6th grade itself.

The government has set a target of 100 percent gross enrollment from the pre-school to the secondary level by 2030.

Under this policy, private schools and colleges will not be able to make arbitrary fees and fees will not be increased much.

A medium of mother tongue education up to 5th standard will be made.

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