Students will not have to appear for final year of du examination, preparation of result from assessment based on previous semesterDU Admissions 2020

Final year students will not have to take the exam-> Relief is reported for millions of final year students in higher educational institutions and universities across the country. In view of the increasing transition of Kovid-19, preparations are being issued to release the results based on internal assessment and pre-semester performance instead of the annual examination to be held in July.

admission in 2020 session

For this, the Vice Chancellor of Haryana Central University, Prof. A committee is formed under the chairmanship of RC Kuhar. This week the University Grants Commission (UGC) will issue revised guidelines for final year students and admission in 2020 session.

According to a senior government official, the government of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Odisha have decided not to take the annual exams for the final year students in July due to rising Corona figures. Due to this, many other states have also demanded the government not to conduct final year examination. That is why a committee has been formed so that a new revision guideline can be prepared after talking to various universities and stakeholders.

Option to improve the result later

Final year students feel that their marks or grades are lower in the result based on internal assessment and pre-semester, they can go to their university and apply for the written examination whenever Corona conditions are good. After this, their degree and mock-sheet will be revised.

UGC gave provision in the guideline of 29 April

According to a senior government official, the Ministry of Human Resource Development and UGC issued a guideline on April 29 that if the corona situation does not improve, then final year students should also prepare results from internal assessment and pre-semester instead of exams. Can. So it is possible. Just the UGC will have to issue revision guidelines.

No new session from August or September

The UGC had issued a guideline to start the old students’ session in August and the new students from September in the April guidelines. However this guideline will also change. Now in July and August, a decision will be taken in view of the Corona situation in the country. Based on this, a new guideline will come again. There is a possibility that the new session may be able to last until September or October.

Final year students will not have to take the exam

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