Google closed its AdSense appGoogle closed its AdSense app

Google recently closed its Neighborhood app. Google, now owned by Alphabet Inc., has closed its AdSense app and the app is no longer available for download.

Google closed its AdSense app-> In 2019, Google announced the closure of its Adsense app on iOS and Android platforms. But till now this app of Google was working and it was not closed. However, now a report from 9to5Google has revealed that this app will no longer be available for download. Google confirmed this information with 9to5Google, saying, ‘The AdSense mobile app is not available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store. If you are already a user of this app then you can still use it, but within a few months, you will stop using it due to the app experience. ‘

If you do not know about the Google AdSense app, then tell you about it.Google closed its AdSense app

According to Google, “Trusted advertisers display ads on your site through AdSense, you get revenue and your business grow because of having good content.” In other words, it is a revenue generation tool for content creators.

Google has also clarified about closing the app

Google has also clarified about closing the app. In a blog post published last year, the company said that it is important for you to use the AdSense app. More than one-third of our users use AdSense on mobile and this is the area where we will keep investing.

In this blog post, Google clarified that the company will continue to invest in AdSense mobile web interface. According to Google, the company will focus on investing in the AdSense mobile web interface and will discontinue existing iOS and Android apps. A common web application support will be introduced for all platforms so that we will be able to offer even better-optimized AdSense features for mobile today.

iOS and Android devices

While AdSense will not be available on iOS and Android devices, users will be able to use it on browsers like Chrome and Safari. The app can also be added to the home screen.


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