Now Google will tell who is calling you, a new feature will give collision to TrueCaller.

google’s new feature -> Before taking a phone call it is known who has made the call and why then it will be easy to decide whether to pick the call or not. Google has included this feature in its Phone app, which is named Verified Calls. With this help, many users in countries around the world will be saved from becoming a victim of fraud calls.

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announced by search engine company Google, google’s new feature

The recently verified Calls feature has been announced by search engine company Google and has been made part of the Google Phone app. This feature of Google will tell users who are calling, what is the reason for calling, and will also show the caller’s logo. The major reason behind bringing new features is also to curb phone call frauds. This feature can give direct competition to the TrueCaller app.

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The feature is being rolled out worldwide including

Google will tell who is calling you, google,

Fraud calls are huge problems in the world, including India, and with the rollout of the Verified Calls feature, users will be protected from them. In case of some type of business call, the user will be seen who is calling and why. Apart from this, a verified batch of business will also appear on the number verified by Google. The feature is being rolled out worldwide including India, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, and the US.

TrueCaller app also offers a similar function

Currently, the TrueCaller app also offers a similar function to users, and with the introduction of this feature in the Google Phone app, this function will become a part of many users’ devices. That is, there will be no need to download any app separately and only Google Verified Calls will work as a TrueCaller app. In a blog post, Google wrote that “the initial results of the pilot program have been very good and the users will definitely benefit from it”.

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New function in google phone

In addition to Google’s Pixel series of devices, the default Google Phone app works as a dialer in many Android phones. The new feature will be available in all these phones with the next updates. If your phone does not have the Google Phone app installed, then it can also be installed from the Google Play Store. Google’s new feature will also tell users what is causing them to make business calls, which feature is not present in the TrueCaller app yet.

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