These home remedies will end the problem of sleeplessness, just use it every day

Home remedies for sleep apnea -> Sleeplessness at night is becoming a problem for most people in these times. If you get good sleep at night after a day’s fatigue, then the body gets rest. But if one does not sleep properly at night, his entire routine gets spoiled. There is no agility and fatigue in the body throughout the day. Even many people get irritable. If you are also struggling with this problem, then home remedies can help you with this. These home remedies contain nutmeg. Know what happens in walnuts, due to which the problem of sleeplessness ends. They will also tell you when and how to consume it.

Walnut, Home remedies for sleep apnea

Walnuts are also an effective solution to the problem of sleeplessness. Its intake reduces stress due to which sleep becomes easy. It contains omega 3 fatty acids and melatonin. Which proves effective in the problem of sleeplessness. Along with this, your mood is good.

Learn when and how to consume walnuts

You must eat nutmeg twice a day. Eat it after breakfast in the morning and then about half an hour before bed at night. If you do this, the problem of your sleepiness will go away.

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