ICC took a big decision regarding no ball of the foot, now the on-field umpire …

icc new rils,ICC took a big decision regarding no ball of the foot

The International Cricket Council (ICC) will soon give the TV umpire the right to decide on the no-ball of the foot, but it will be implemented as a trial. ICC General Manager Geoff Allardice gave this information. The ICC will test this new system in a few series of limited-overs in the next six months and if it succeeds, then the right to give no ball of the front leg will be taken away from the on-field umpire.

Geoff Allardice told ESPNcricinfo, “Yes, it is. The third umpire will be provided with the image a few seconds after the front leg. He will tell the on-field umpire that no ball has been done.” This system was also tried in the ODI series between England and Pakistan earlier in 2016.

The ICC has decided to test it again. The Cricket Committee recommends using it in as many matches as possible for limited overs.

ICC took a big decision regarding no ball of the foot, now the on-field umpire ..,.पैर की नो बॉल को लेकर ,ICC ने लिया बड़ा फैसला
ICC took a big decision

Details: ICC took a big decision

Let me tell you that it is often seen that the on-field umpires are not able to see the no-ball many times and the players are given out. Many times it has also affected the last ball of the match when the ball should have been no, but the batsman is given out. Apart from this, the ball which was to be free hit gets a wicket.
Because the previous ball the umpire did not see that the ball was no.

Due to the wrong decision, the winning team loses, due to which the point table is affected and that team lags behind and the other team gains it.

This also reduces the morale of the players and also disappoints the spectators who come to watch the match and it directly affects the upcoming matches, so ICC took a big decision regarding no-ball the ICC is considering implementing the new rule.

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