Invest in the American stock market sitting in IndiaInvest in the American stock market sitting in India

The US stock market attracts investors from India. Now, retail investors from India will also be able to invest in US stocks.

Invest in the American stock market sitting in India -> If you invest in the stock market and wish to invest in the stock market of a country other than India, then this news is for you. Most Indian investors were still unable to invest in the American stock market even if they wanted to. But, now it has become possible. For this, Axis Bank subsidiary, Axis Bank, has announced the launch of the Global Investing Platform. The good thing is that Indian retail investors will be able to do unlimited transactions in US stocks with zero brokerage fees.

Investing in US stocks will happen in a few clicksInvesting in US stocks

Now investors can buy/sell shares of Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google, and other companies in just a few clicks; Or invest in theme-based markets or ETFs. With the easy availability of a large global market, investors can not only take advantage of geographic diversification but also protect their portfolio from the risk of one country and one currency. This unique solution provides a portfolio designed by professionals and theme-based stocks and ETFs that the entire process of taking from funds to funds transfer is digital and, thus, ensuring that there is a global investing simple.

Invest at zero brokerage feeInvest at zero brokerage fee

Through Global Investing, Axis Securities customers can invest in US stock markets at zero brokerage fees. With the premium plan, investors can avail various facilities like free account opening, zero brokerage, and one-year free withdrawal and other facilities.

Start investing with one dollarInvesting in US stocks, Start investing with one dollar

Through this platform, investors can take advantage of the facility of Fractional Investing and invest in less than one stock and start investing in stocks with high prices for a minimum of $ 1 (dollar). Through this platform, customers can invest and manage more than 1,000 stocks and ETFs. There is also an additional facility for investing in model portfolios and theme-based baskets prepared by professionals.

Investors trend increased in international stocks

Axis Securities Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, B Gopakumar say that the demand for international investments in India has increased tremendously and Tech-Savvy Millennials, in particular, have shown interest in investing in international stocks. Global Investing aims to make investors a shareholder of the world’s most innovative companies and businesses. Through specially designed investment portfolios, theme-based baskets, and research advisories, they hope that investing in international stocks will become easier and help them make the right decisions.

The doors of global trading will open

Virem Shah, co-founder, and CEO of Vested Finance says the partnership will expand Indian retail investors. It is seen that he is now interested in creating a geographically diversified portfolio for long term investment. He firmly believes that this platform will open the doors to global trading for many Indian investors. This product will boost foreign investment and give investors the extraordinary ability to invest directly in the US stock market.

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