Yogi will give jobs to three lakh people

Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath has said that in the UP, investment of 65 thousand crores, three lakh youth will get employment (jobs).
He said that we have achieved the success of becoming the most exporting state in two years.
Export in UP is 28 percent bigger. When it seemed that there would be any obstacle, always called Shah, there is no need to panic. The result of continuous efforts towards targets is that UP is moving forward in every field. Shah is presenting himself here today. They will not be as much as they know about the economic, geographical, social status and political situation of UP.

Invest in openly in Uttar Pradesh: ShahYogi will give jobs to three lakh people-Invest in openly in Uttar Pradesh Shah-jobs-in-up

The most successful Investor Summit in the country was started from Gujarat but it is surprising that even in such a short span of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath has made it successful.

The most money we have given:

Shah, lying down on the UPA government’s name for an unnamed name, said that the 13 finance commission had given Rs three lakh crore to the UP and when the Narendra Modi government came, then by the 14th Finance Commission, the amount of Rs.8.8 lakh crore was given to the UP.
In just one year, the implementation of the investment scheme of 1.20 thousand crores in UP is a big thing, it is considered to be a huge accomplishment.

Akhilesh asked, where 17 new medical colleges becameYogi will give jobs to three lakh people-Invest in openly in Uttar Pradesh Shah-jobs-in-up

Akhilesh Yadav, the National President of the Samajabadi Party, has taken the oath on the claims made by the Home Minister Amit Shah about the development of the state that the government should tell
What new 17 medical colleges have been set up in Uttar Pradesh since 2017?
Yadav asked twit and said that the government should also tell us that the way the electricity rates have increased, has the growth in the production and supply also increased?

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