Maharashtra: Flood warning in Kolhapur, administration asks people living along the river to move to a safe placeMaharashtra: Flood warning in Kolhapur

The Meteorological Department has warned of heavy rain for the next 24 hours in Kolhapur. In such a situation, the rain of the past two days has changed the map of the city. The floods of the last year have started to be fresh in people’s minds.

Maharashtra: Flood warning in Kolhapur

Maharashtra: Flood warning in Kolhapur -> The condition of the city has worsened due to torrential rains in Kolhapur city of Maharashtra for the last 2 days. Water has been filled everywhere. In such a situation, District Magistrate Daulat Desai has called upon all the citizens that all those who live on the banks of the river should go to safe places with cattle.

Dam area has increased riskDam area has increased risk

Heavy rains have started everywhere in the city along with the dam area. The city’s Panchganga river has crossed the danger mark since last night. Because of which the danger to the people living along the river has increased. In view of this danger, the administration has called for all citizens, including animals, to go to a safe place.

Last year, floods caused havoc in Kolhapur.

The floods caused severe havoc in Kolhapur city last year. In which many families lost their relatives. Therefore, given the experience of the past year, this time, instructions have been issued to the residents of the villages of Ambevadi and Karveer tehsils.

Jotiba Carey drowns

Due to torrential rains, Jyotiba Kerli road has sunk. Last year too, this road was submerged in similar flood waters. Due to which the local citizens had a lot of trouble and even at this time they remember seeing this path of last year’s flood. In such a situation, this route has been restricted by the administration for the sake of security.

Panchganga water reaches 35 feet

Due to heavy rains in Kolhapur, the water level of Panchganga river has increased considerably. At present, the water level of this river has reached the height of 35 feet. Around 86 small dams in the district are filled with water. Radhanagari dam has been filled up to 90%. Water has started filling up in the lower areas of the city. The primary school in Nandgaon is completely submerged. While the Kovad market is also seen as flood prone. Dam areas in the city are seeing more impact of rain. Gaganbawada road of Kolhapur has been closed for traffic due to floods. Because of which people coming and going to Konkan are facing a lot of problems.

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