Only 2 documents will get electricity connection, consumers are going to get new ‘power’

New rules of electricity connection -> Electricity consumers around the country are going to get new ‘power’. For the first time, the government has formulated new rules for the rights of electricity consumers. The government says that it is the power sector because of consumers. After providing electricity to the citizens of the country, it is now very important to focus on their satisfaction. Therefore, the Electricity (Rights of Consumers) Rules, 2020 has been drafted by the government to improve the quality of services. In this draft, many types of facilities have been given to consumers. Also, readLogitech M235 Wireless Mouse for Windows and Mac

New rules of electricity connection
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Transparency on power cuts

New rules of electricity connection -> According to the new draft, the power distribution companies will have to decide the average power cut per power consumer every year and for how long.

Easy to get power connection

1.-> Up to 10 kW load only two documents will be required, no demand charge will be demanded load up to 150 kW. So that more people can make connections.
2.-> New electricity connection will be available in 7 days in metro cities, while in other municipalities, 15 days in rural areas and 30 days in rural areas.

Electricity consumers will get new ‘power’
Electricity consumers will get new 'power'
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  1. If a customer arrives at a delay of 60 days, then the customer will get a discount of 2-5% in the bill.
  2. You will be able to pay electricity bill with cash, check, debit card, or net banking, but bill payment of Rs 1000 or above will be done online only.
  3. Rules for cutting, retracting, changing meter, billing, and payment will be made easier.
  4. Provision of penalty/compensation on power distribution companies for delay in services. Compensation will be directly linked to the bill.
  5. There will be a 24×7 toll-free center for consumers. A mobile app will be launched to get a new connection, cut the connection, shift the connection. Any change in services such as name change, load change, meter change can also be done through this app.

The government has asked for comments and suggestions on the draft till 30 September. The Ministry of Power will finalize the rules following suggestions.

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