different turns In the Unnao rape case

unnao rep case-rep case-unnao case
Unnao Rape Case
In the Unnao rape case are seeing different turns, Kuldeep Singh, accused of this case with every turn, is screwing up on Sengar. Now the CBI has also come into action and has been engaged in investigating the case more promptly. Due to which she is questioning the accused Kuldeep Singh Sengar in custody.
The CBI can also interrogate the victim’s uncle, who is currently in jail, finding the accused in the 19-year-old case and the Supreme Court has now sent him to Tihar Jail. The complainant is the same in this entire case. In such a situation, the fact that the victim’s uncle has been arrested was complained about by the younger brother of Kuldeep Singh Sengar, Atul Singh Sengar.
Atul Singh is also an accused in the Unnao rape case. The CBI also inspected the place where the accident occurred and also examined the truck through which the victim was killed in a fatal attack. Also, who has come to meet Kuldwip Singh Sengar, who is lodged in Sitapur Jail, has asked for the full report of the jail authorities. The CBI has clearly told each of its officers that every aspect related to the case should be investigated with full caution so that no one can escape.

This entire incident was started in June 2017

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Unnao rape case
In fact, this entire incident was started in June 2017. When the victim’s family lodged a complaint of the abduction of their minor child. Ten days after the complaint, the police were able to find the girl, after which the victim accused three people including the BJP MLA of raping her.
The police filed a report of the rape case and filed a charge sheet in the court, but no charge sheet was filed on the MLA. On this, the victim also wrote to the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister, requesting help, but after not getting a positive response, the victim’s family filed a case in the district level court where Kuldwip Singh Sengar was also found as an accused.
After which the victim’s father was arrested on the complaint of a case where his condition deteriorated due to which he died in prison. According to the victim’s family, her father’s misdemeanor was implicated in a false case under the conspiracy behind which the MLA’s hand was told.

Two years later, the case was caught

unnao rep case-rep case-unnao case
Unnao rape case
Two years later, the case was caught when the victim was assaulted, during which the victim’s aunt and aunt died, while the condition of the victim and her lawyer is being reported as critical. The Supreme Court, while emphasizing the matter, has also ordered the CBI to complete the investigation within 15 days. Due to pressure from the Supreme Court, the CBI is also investigating. The BJP party was also expelled after two years of the Kuldwip Singh Sengar case after catching up with the case.
In many cases of misbehavior, the Supreme Court has made it clear that in such a case, the statement of the victim is enough basis for anyone to make an accused and prove a crime. Despite this, the victim had to fight a long legal battle to make the legislator an accused in the Unnao case.
After this, the MLA created so many criminal conspiracies to close the mouth of the victim and her family that her whole family was devastated.

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