Prime Minister Modi will address the country at 10 am on 14 April 2020, may decide on lockdown

Prime Minister Modi will address the country at 10 am on 14 April
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation at 10 am on Tuesday. April 14 is the last day of the lockdown implemented in the country due to Coronavirus. This information has been given in the tweet made by the Prime Minister’s Office. It is written that on 14 April tomorrow, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the country. It is possible that the Prime Minister in his address will take a major decision related to the lockdown. Chief Ministers of Odisha, Maharashtra, Telangana, Punjab, and Bengal have extended the lockdown period in their state to 30 April.

According to the Ministry of Health, there are a total of 7987 active cases in the country, while 856 people have become healthy while 308 patients have died in the case. Also in one case, the patient has gone out of the country.

Janata curfew’ requestLockdown | covid 19 | coronavirus

Last month, Prime Minister Modi addressed twice on 19 and 24 March. On 19 March, he talked about the Coronavirus war and how to prevent it. After this, he announced the ‘Janata Curfew’ on Sunday, 22 March.

PM’s discussion with Chief MinistersPrime Minister Modi will address the country

With the new mantra of ‘Jaan Bhi, Jahan Bhi’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday indicated that the government has made steps in that direction. Prime Minister Modi is working with full vigilance and proactiveness on the novel coronavirus. In this sequence, he constantly contacted the Chief Ministers of all the states through video conferencing and also reviewed the situation.

These industries get an exemption from lockdown

During discussions with Prime Minister Modi, the state chief ministers had offered exemption from lockdown to the operations of some industries. After this, the Government of India has allowed a shift to 15 industries with a minimum staff strength as per the requirement.

industries are

and export-related companies have been allowed to operate. Industries related to transformer and circuit vehicles, telecom equipment and components and food and beverages will also be able to work.

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