Protect your farm with wire, the government will bear half the cost

To protect the crop from animals, farmers erect barbed wire fences around their farms.

Protect your farm with wire -> Farmers face danger from all sides. Sometimes out of the weather, sometimes there is an outbreak of pests or diseases. These days, farmers are facing another big danger. That is the attack of stray animals on crops standing in the fields.

Due to mechanization, now the role of animals in farming has almost ended. The result is in front of us, cows roaming in herds of herds – bulls, pig, and indigo. These animals roam freely have become a big problem for farmers.

In order to save their crop, farmers make barbed wire fencing around their fields. But it is not just a matter of every farmer to get the farmland spread across the bighas. It costs a lot.

Rajasthan government will bear half of the total expenses incurred in the fencing.

Protect your farm with wire
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But the Rajasthan Government is helping farmers in this work. For this, the state government has started Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana. If you are a farmer of Rajasthan and get your farm to be fenced under this scheme, then the Rajasthan government will bear half of the total expenses incurred in the fencing.

The purpose of Rajasthan Tarabandi Scheme

– If the crop is safe, yields will also be high.
– Keeping the crops standing in the fields safe from animals.
– To protect farmers from harm from stray animals.
– The state government has kept a budget of 8.5 crores for this scheme.
– To reintroduce the farmers who are leaving farming due to the outbreak of animals.

Protect your farm with wire
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Who can benefit

– The farmer should be a resident of Rajasthan.
– The amount of the Tarbandi scheme will be transferred to the account of the farmers.
– The farmer should have at least 0.5 hectares of cultivated land.
Under the Tarabandi scheme, 50 percent of assistance will be provided to the farmer by the state government.
– Up to 40,000 help will be provided to the farmer under this scheme.
– Under this scheme, the subsidy will be given only for the fencing up to 400 meters.

Documents required for the scheme

To take advantage of the Tarbandi scheme, the farmer should have an Aadhaar card, ration card, land freeze.

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