Delhi University Open book: SOL students protest against open book examSOL students protest against open book exam

SOL students protest against open book exam-> Students of Delhi University’s School of Open Learning are also opposing the Open Book Examination. Students are also saying that when the first and second-year exams are not there, the result will be based on the assignment only, then the University of Delhi refunds the money of three lakh SOL students.

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The Revolutionary Youth Organization, a student organization of the School of Open Learning, says that according to the SOL decision, first and second-year students studying in SOL will be given online assignments, on the basis of which they will be promoted in the next semester, so without exams, It is unjust for students to be charged examination fees.

Open Book Examination not acceptable SOL students protest against open book exam

Students say that the Open Book Examination of the final semester of the undergraduate third year and the last semester of postgraduate final year is not acceptable. Because SOL has more number of underprivileged students. In such a situation, if these students do not have the facility of the internet or better technical means then how will they be able to take the exam.du exam

Students will burn the course material today: Under the banner of KYS, students of School of Open Learning (SOL) will register their protest by burning the course material given by DU. Students say that the material given by DU is incomplete and not sufficient. It also has flaws, so we oppose it. Students will protest at home by burning books on Wednesday.

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