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If you want to start doing business, then you can take advantage of these government schemes.

Start a business from home-> Modi government’s dream is that people become job creators instead of job seekers. The government has also run many schemes for this so that people can be made skilled. If you want to start doing business, then you can take advantage of these government schemes. Today we are giving you information about such a business, which you can earn a good income by starting. There is no need for any special expenditure in this business.

Pickle is a life-threatening element in every meal. Without pickle, the food on the plate seems incomplete. But, not only food, but it can also add insanity to your income. Pickle business can be started in any season. Pickle Making Business (Business Idea) can start from home. When the business starts to grow, then you can think about taking this place further and take this business forward. It does not require very thick capital. Businesses can be started only with small capital.

Start this business in 10 thousand rupees

You can also start a pickle-making business at home. The initial investment of the business can be 10 thousand rupees. At the same time, earning from the first month can be from 25 to 30 thousand rupees. This earning also depends on the demand, packing, and area of your product. Pickles can be sold in online, wholesale, retail markets, and retail chains.

Requires 900 sqft area

It is necessary to have an area of 900 sqft for pickle making business. Open space is required for preparing pickles, drying pickles, packing pickles, etc. The method of making pickle is very clean to keep the pickle from getting trilled for a long time, only then the pickle remains intact for more days.

Profitable business

Starting a pickle-making business at a cost of 10 thousand rupees can be made profitable. In the first marketing, the entire amount of the cost is recovered and after that, only the profits are made. This small business can be made into a big business with hard work and innovation. The profits of the business will be received every month and the profits will also increase.

How to get pickle making license?

License is required for pickle making business. To start a business, the license can be obtained from the Food Safety and Standards Authority (FSSAI). This license can be applied by filling the online form.

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