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Super 30 movie’. The story of ‘Super 30’ is of Anand Kumar (ie Hrithik Roshan) of Bihar, who is a genius of maths and lives in numbers. During his hard work, he also gets admission to Cambridge University. But circumstances beat him and he starts working in the coaching center. But one day he decides and is forced to make the children’s dreams come true by the circumstances. In this way, ‘Super 30’ is a motivational film that inspires to make their dreams come true.

super 30 movie Inspiring story

Inspiring as the story of ‘Super 30’ is, the character of Hrithik Roshan is also alive. Hrithik Roshan is good in the character of Anand but somewhere his accent makes him a bit irritated. There is also a slight lapse in the hard work that has been done to make Hrithik Roshan Anand Kumar. In the film, his skin tone and eye color is a bit shaky. In ‘Super 30’, Pankaj Tripathi is once again the best, while Aditya Shrivastava’s acting is also good. Mrinal Thakur’s role is also OK, and there is nothing like remembering too much.

(super 30 movie review) – Vikas Bahal has tried to complete justice with the story, but Bollywood’s fascination with superstars somewhere impedes the path of this film. A little work could also be done about the length of the film as ‘Super 30’ has become quite long. However, there are many occasions in the film that make the story stand out. The music of the film is fine. The budget of ‘Super 30’ is being said to be around 70 crores rupees, in this way if the film can connect with youth, then it can do a big miracle at the box office. Talking about the film, overall ‘Super 30’ is a one-time watch due to Hrithik’s acting, Anand Kumar’s good effort and an inspiring story.

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