The study will continue from home even in lockdown, Delhi University provided an option

 University of Delhi lpgo
The study will continue from home even in lockdown

There is a 21-day lockdown due to the increased outbreak of Corona and all universities are closed. Examinations at the University of Delhi (DU) begin in late April. Due to a lack of regular classes, students’ studies are being disrupted. In such a situation, DU has provided the students with the option of studying right from home.

DU has provided 10 links for UG-PG and Research students. Through them, they can study right from home. E-PG Pathshala is a link that facilitates e-learning. It has over 700 e-books for PG students. Apart from this, video content has also been made available.

There are also silent (Massive Open Online Courses) at E-PG Pathshala, through which PG (Post Graduate level) students can continue their studies. Similarly, there is also the facility of e-text at EG Pathshala. Through this, content is available for correspondence and regular college-goers.

The study will continue from home even in lockdown University of Delhi lpgo

Apart from this, students can themselves study through digital courses on TV through Prabha Apart from this, there are more than 31 lakh books on E-Shodh Sindhu, from which students can study. Apart from this, the facility of the virtual lab is also given through the link

DU has made all these links available on its website. From where students can access them. Apart from this, other links that have been made available include e-Yantra, Spoken Tutorial, National Digital Library of India is included.


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