War between America and Iran

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Great Tension in Iran and America: Missiles, Plane Crash, Earthquake ..Beats increased due to Tehran’s movement.war iran and america,Great Tension in Iran and America,fighh 2020 iran and america,third world war

Tensions in the Gulf region have reached a peak after a missile attack by Iran on the US military in Iraq. After this attack, India has issued an advisory to its citizens not to travel to Iraq. On the other hand, the US is also reviewing the attack. President Trump said he would make a statement on the issue today.


Iran launches missile attack on the US army in Iraq

After Kasim Sulemani was killed, Iran said it will take revenge

America is reviewing Tehran’s attack

After Tehran’s action, many countries prevented their planes from over Iraq and Iran.


Tehran / Washington /War between America and Iran

the war between America and Iran, In the early hours of Wednesday, Iran attacked two US Army bases in Iraq, then a crash of a 176-passenger plane near Tehran and two earthquake tremors in Iran just after that.
President Trump of the US tweeted ‘All is well’ after the Iranian attack on the US military, but the situation in the Gulf does not look normal. Iranian media claims up to 80 soldiers killed in the attack. Tensions between Iran and the US have reached a peak. Know what has happened since morning…

Iran fired missiles at the US military in Iraqwar , iran and america fight

More than a dozen missiles were fired at Iran targeting two US military bases in Iraq to avenge the death of General Suleimani at around 5.30 am on Wednesday. The US reviewed the situation after this Tehran attack. President Trump tweeted that he would react to it today, describing his forces as the most powerful in the world.

America is reviewing the attack

The war between America and Iran After the Iran attack, the US has also started reviewing the situation. Iran has been intimidated only after General Qasim Suleimani was killed and he had asked the US to avenge it. On the other hand, the US President had tweeted after the attack that ‘All is well’. However, tensions in the Gulf region have reached an all-time high.

Many countries stopped the airlineIndia released a travel advisory,

After this attack, there is an atmosphere of tension in the entire region. India, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia have stopped the flight of their passenger planes over Iraq and Iran. Malaysia has diverted several aircraft. The US has also stopped flights of its passenger planes in the region. India has advised airlines not to take aircraft over Iraq and Iran, given the current tensions.

Ukraine plane crashes near Tehran Airport

Shortly after this attack, a Boeing 737 aircraft from Ukraine crashed while flying near Tehran Airport. It had 176 passengers including crew members. According to reports, the aircraft has crashed due to technical fault. All 176 people have died in this accident. Iran’s Red Crescent reported that all 176 passengers aboard the plane were killed. The Chief of Red Crescent told the news agency INSA, “The chances of a passenger boarding a PS-752 aircraft are very low.

Two earthquake tremors in Iranearthquake in iran,earthquake,fight 2020

These movements were not yet stopped that within two hours two earthquake tremors were felt in Iran. The intensity of the first earthquake was 5.5 while the second earthquake was 4.9. According to the report, there were no reports of any casualties in the earthquake that struck close to the city of Bushehr in Iran. The special thing is that Iran has nuclear installations where earthquakes have occurred. However, it is being told that these shocks are natural and have no relation to the events happening today.

India released a travel advisoryIndia released a travel advisory,

Given the current situation in Iraq, Indians have been advised not to travel to Iraq until further orders. In a release issued by the Ministry of External Affairs, Indian citizens living in Iraq have been advised to be vigilant and not to travel there. Our High Commission in Baghdad and the Councilor at Irbil will continue normal operations and provide all types of services to Indians living in Iraq.

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