A big change in Microsoft Word, typing style changed foreverA big change in Microsoft Word, typing style changed forever

What are the changes in Microsoft Word–> Microsoft Word has undergone major changes. Now Microsoft will specify double space between two cents during typing. Double spacing has been used since typewriters. The company has started rolling out the new update.

The way Microsoft Word is used has changed forever. The company has said that now MS Word will report the double space given after full stop as an error. Today it means that it is not considered right in modern-day typing and hence this change is happening in word processing application after 75 years.

Full stop trend since typewriters

Since the time of typewriters, there is a practice of giving double space after the full stop. This was because typewriters used ‘monospace’ fonts. Double spaces between letters of S size were used because this would highlight the end of the sentence.

The proportional spacing used in typewriters

People had different thinking about double spacing. That is why in the year 1944 typewriters were used in typewriters. This trend was followed for a long time and most of the style guides have been missing double spacing for quite some time.

Microsoft Word was still usedA big change in Microsoft Word, typing style changed forever

The surprising thing in this is that till now double-spacing was used in Microsoft Word without an error display. Now the company is improving it. The latest software update rollout for this has started. Now, during typing in Microsoft Word, the formatting error will be told through the double-spacing blue wave line.

Can still use double spacing

Some users have also received this update and have also started tweeting about it. Twitter users are mockingly describing this update as a win for users using a single space instead of double. However, users can still use double space according to their wish, but by doing so, they will get repeated notification in the pop-up.

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