A joint statement was issued on Tuesday after talks at the sixth phase of the Corps Commander level on the border between India and China.

China doubled its strength -> The English newspaper ‘The Hindu‘ has featured it prominently on the front page. The joint statement of the two countries stated that India and China will stop sending troops to the border.
With this, it has also been agreed that neither side on the border will unilaterally change the status quo. Both countries also agree that more talks are needed to end the deadlock.

After the military commander-level talks on Monday, a joint statement said, “The consensus on strengthening the dialogue between the leaders of the two countries needs to be seriously implemented.” There is a need to avoid misunderstandings and at the same time the number of troops on the border is no longer to be increased. Neither side should unilaterally disturb the status quo on the border and no such step should be taken which complicates the problem. Both countries will try to stabilize the situation on the Line of Actual Control i.e. LAC.

China doubled its strength

According to The Hindu, defense sources said that an agreement has still not been reached to withdraw troops. Apart from this, there will be no construction work on LAC in the recent negotiations.
Both sides also agreed that the seventh phase of the Corps Commander level will be negotiated as soon as possible. There has also been talked of taking some concrete steps to restore peace on the border. Also, read -> How To Lose Weight By Vegetable

The sixth phase of the conversation

China doubled its strength -> The sixth phase of the conversation lasted for 14 hours but did not yield any concrete results. Earlier this month, in Moscow, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held a core commander-level dialogue on the basis of the five points agreed upon.
According to the newspaper, India said in the talks that China should withdraw its troops from all the places of confrontation. For the first time, a Joint Secretary of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs was also present at the Corps Commander level talks.

China doubled its strength
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However, the situation on the border is still the same as before. According to sources, India has also said that the withdrawal of troops will not be reciprocal. India said that China should withdraw its troops from all areas of the conflict.
The Hindu says that according to a new strategic report, China has doubled its airbase along the border with India. Also, read -> Now buying a house and land all over India can be cheap

China doubled its strength

Hindi newspaper Dainik Jagran has also given prominence to the report of increasing Chinese power on LAC after the Doklam tension in 2017. The newspaper wrote that China has begun construction of at least 13 new military bases along the Line of Actual Control. These include three airbases, five permanent defense postings, and five heliports.
According to a report by the Global Security Consultancy, the construction of four new heliports started only when India’s tensions with the Chinese military in East Ladakh increased in early May.

According to this report, China changed its strategy after the Doklam episode. Under this strategy, China has doubled its air force bases in the last three years.

In a report prepared by defense expert Sim Tac on Tuesday, it was reported that China’s construction projects expeditions are intended to further strengthen future military capabilities. It is being said that China wants to maintain tension on the border with India for a long time. This tension can also go beyond the purview of the two countries.

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