Milk Make Life good: Drink milk in 7 different flavors seven days a week, life will be good!

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Drink milk in 7 different flavors seven days a week -> If you want to improve your life in terms of health, then it is important to consume milk every day. But the mind gets bored by consuming the same thing in the same form every day. Today we have brought a solution to this confusion for you. All you have to do is prepare the milk in a different flavor for yourself every day.

Have it anytime for breakfast or before bed

If you want, you can start the milking routine from today or tomorrow. The seven different things mentioned here are to be stored in the kitchen of your home. So that tasty and healthy milk can be prepared in a new flavor every day. If you do not have time to drink milk in the morning, you can taste these flavored milk before going to bed at night. It will also make you sleep better.

Let’s start with saffron milk

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To prepare saffron-rich milk, you have to follow the method of preparing cardamom milk. To prepare a glass of milk, put more than a glass of milk in a small pot to cook and cook it on low heat.

While cooking milk, add a strain (a leaf) of saffron. When the milk remains in a glass, add sugar to it and keep it covered for two to three minutes. After this, you can easily enjoy serving in a glass.

Honey and milk

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Leave your country, there will be hardly anyone in the whole world who does not like the taste of honey. Honey is a great option for obtaining vitamins, minerals, and natural sugar.

To prepare honey, you can either mix honey in milk kept at a normal temperature. Or make the milk a little lukewarm and after that add honey to the milk. Honey-milk is ready for you.

Keep in mind that honey is not added to very hot milk. Doing so has an adverse effect on the properties of honey. Also, do not add honey to milk kept in the fridge. Because honey does not dissolve properly in such cold milk.

Makhana and Milk

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First Makhana talks about milk. To prepare Makhana Milk, you have to make milk according to your requirement and then add a mutt Makhana into it and whisk it for 1 minute.

Now add sugar according to your taste in this mixture of milk and butter. Take your Makhana milk ready. Yes, know about nutrition too… Makhana is a source of some amount of vitamin-D and plenty of iron. Milk is rich in calcium.

If milk and vitamin-D strengthen bones, then iron increases blood flow in the body. That is, the combination of both milk and makhana makes our body strong.

Green Cardamom and Milk

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To prepare a glass of milk with green cardamom, you will need a quarter glass of milk. Keep this milk to heat on a low flame and grind green cardamom to it.

When a glass of milk remains while cooking, then take this milk and sieve it and mix it according to your taste. Cardamom milk with the healthy-tasty and steamed aroma are ready for you.

Dry fruits and milk

Dry fruits and milk
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Add cashews, almonds, dates, these three things together in a mixie. It is better that you keep the date soaked in water at night and then use them in the morning to prepare dry fruits milk. Otherwise, you can extract their seeds and grind them in milk along with cashew nuts and almonds.

You have to take a handful of cashew-almond and makhana mixture. Add a glass of milk to it and mix it well in the mixture. Mix the sweetened milk as per your taste and enjoy healthy milk. If you wish, you can also use it without adding sugar to enjoy its natural sweetness.

Keep in mind that dry fruits such as raisins, dry grapes, and pistachios should not be used while preparing dry fruit milk. Because raisins and dry grapes have some acidity, which is the anti-milk properties. Also, salt is used in preparing pistachios, which causes damage when consumed with milk.

Turmeric and milk

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Turmeric milk means Golden Milk. There is no need to talk anew to prepare this milk and to explain the merits of this milk. Because during Corona’s time, we have talked so much about this milk and its merits with you that now you know everything.

One small but important thing to remind you is that if you regularly consume turmeric milk, do not use more than one-fourth (1/4) teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of milk. Also, while preparing turmeric milk, heat the milk, and sip it, save the hot milk only.

Plain milk and jaggery

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This is an age-old method of drinking milk. Because jaggery is probably the first dessert prepared by humans. Consuming jaggery with hot milk gives a different kind of satisfaction. The properties of both jaggery and milk work together to keep our health strong.

Drink milk in 7 different flavors seven days a week

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