Unlock 5 Guidelines: Center will release guidelines for the entire country, cinema hall, and swimming pool except for international flight

Unlock 5 Guidelines -> Except for international flights and container zones, all the activities across the country will open in the next fifteen days. From October 15, cinema halls, trade fairs, swimming pools, and entertainment parks will also be allowed to open with certain conditions. In the guidelines issued to open activities closed due to Corona, the Ministry of Home Affairs has also allowed schools, colleges, and coaching institutes to open this time, but the decision has been left to the states. Also, read -> Healthy Food Habits for kids

The Cinema hall will be able to use 50 percent seat only

Cinema hall
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While allowing the cinema hall to open from October 15, the Home Ministry has made it clear that only 50 percent of the seats will be used for the audience. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting will issue a separate SOP for this. Similarly, trade fairs will also be allowed from October 15, but it will be prohibited from visiting the common people. The swimming pool was already opened for the players, now it will also be allowed for the common people. The Ministry of Youth and Sports Program will issue Standard Operating Processing (SOP) for this. The Health Ministry has been asked to issue SOPs for the entertainment park.

Permission to open school, college, coaching institute, but the decision left to states

open school, college, coaching institute
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Schools, colleges, and coaching institutes will be closed since March, but online studies going on during the bandh will not be closed. Students will be allowed to go to school or attend online classes and no pressure will be made on behalf of the school. The provision of written consent of the parents of school-going students has been upheld. Also, read -> top 10 health tips for men

Each state will make its own SOP

Unlock 5 Guidelines -> Earlier from September 21, students from ninth to 12th grade were allowed to attend school with these conditions. Every state will create its own SOP for schools and must compulsorily follow. Similarly, the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs will issue the timetable and SOP for the arrival of students in colleges and other higher education institutions. But research or research-related higher education institutions have got permission to open from 15 October.

Now 200 people can participate in public celebrations instead of 100
public celebrations
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Social, religious, entertainment, political, cultural, and other ceremonies have been eased further. Last month, 100 people were allowed in such ceremonies. But now its number has been increased to 200. The only condition is that if the ceremony is being held at a closed place, only 50 percent of the total capacity will be able to participate. The state governments have been asked to make SOP for this. Also, read -> Now buying a house and land all over India can be cheap

the Home Ministry has made it clear that the State Government will not be able to impose any lockdown on their side

Like last time, this time also the Home Ministry has made it clear that the State Governments will not be able to impose any lockdown on their side of the contention zone and there will be no restriction on the movement of goods and people within the state or between two states. Likewise, the advice of a person over 65 years and under 10 years of age to stay at home has been retained.

Unlock 4 is ending on Wednesday. In such a situation, it was expected that the Ministry of Home Affairs will announce the Unlocked 5 Guideline. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the nationwide lockdown, which began on March 24, has been phased out in the month of July after being implemented in phases. Also, read -> Delhi to London by bus In 70 days

The lockdown has been extended till 31 October in Maharashtra. Hotels, food courts, restaurants, bars, etc. will be allowed to operate in Maharashtra with 50% capacity. It will be allowed to open from October 5.

Unlock 5 Guidelines
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The Mamta Banerjee government of West Bengal has already given permission to set up a pandal for Durga Puja. However, the Mamta government has also imposed conditions such as keeping the pandals open from all sides, applying masks to devotees, organizers, and others and keeping sanitizers in place at the pandal. The sternest condition is that no more than 100 people can gather in a pandal at a time. Also, read -> Babri Masjid Demolition Case Updates

The Tamil Nadu government has announced to extend the lockdown by 31 October with some concessions. The government has also stopped the earlier permission given to students from 10th to 12th of the school to contact the teachers from October 1. The government has taken this decision after protests from parents. Chief Minister K Palaniswami said that after the virtual meeting with the District Magistrates and senior officials, the restrictions will remain in force in the Containment Zone. Educational institutions, cinema halls, and museums will remain closed.

Schools to open in Andhra Pradesh from 2nd November
open school, college, coaching institute
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Unlock 5 Guidelines -> Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said that schools can open in the state from November 2. In the video conferencing with the District Magistrates, the Chief Minister said that we wanted to open the school from October 5, but in view of the current situation, it has been decided to open the school from November 2.

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