What is Vision 2020?

What is Vision 2020?, Vision 2020

Vision for the country

Dr. Kalam was very fond of interacting with children and youth. He loved listening to the youth and giving them suggestions.
He had a ‘vision’ about India’s future. Dr. Kalam wanted the youth of India to understand and accept his vision.
Dr. Kalam believed that with the contribution of youth, India will be able to become a developed country by the year 2020. He recorded his thoughts about India in 2020 in ‘India 2020: Vision for New Millennium’.
Although many of the things that Dr. Kalam had dreamed of today, India has achieved, but to join the list of developed countries, India still has to travel a long way.

What is Vision 2020?

According to Dr. Kalam, “Two crore children are born every year in India. What will be the future of all these children? What will be their goal in life? Should we take some steps for their future or should we support them with their luck Should the left work only for the benefit of the elite? “
Kalam questioned in this, “Will we leave them on their own or use some special plans for them in the coming two decades, using words like the strategy in the market, and the round of the competition?”. Also, read -> Jio Offer 498 rupees: know the truth of this message

In this book written in the year 1998, Dr. Abdul Kalam says, “After talking to hundreds of experts and reading many reports, I have understood that our country can be included in the list of developed countries by the year 2020.”
He says, “Then the people of India will not be poor, they will work more efficiently for progress and our education system will also be better. This should not be a dream but should be a goal for all of us.” Also, read -> Benefits Of Lemon Water

What is said in Vision 2020?

According to Dr. Kalam’s vision document, by 2020, India will be one of the four major economies in the world and the country’s per capita income will be $ 1,540.
By this year, India’s population will reach 1.4 billion and India’s share of the world’s GDP will be 4.07 percent.
If we look at the present day as compared to the vision document, India is currently the fifth-largest economy in the world. Also, read -> Using dark mode in the phone can be dangerous

In 2019, the country’s per capita income was more than $ 2000 and according to the World Bank figures, India’s population had reached 1.35 billion. At the same time, India’s share in the world’s GDP is up to 3.3%.
According to the 1991 census, the literacy rate in India is 52%. Kalam said that by the year of technological development and efforts of the citizens of India, India’s literacy rate will reach 80% by the year 2020.

Equal opportunities for all

Tifac’s reports focus on science and technology. But Dr. Kalam has emphasized in this that all sections of society should be included in the path of development.
He warns that science and technology will definitely create new opportunities for citizens, but the same section of society should not be benefited. If this happens, there will be a conflict in society, and discrimination will increase.

Dr. Kalam says, “The strength of our country lies in its resources and people. The technological vision should be used for the social and economic development of more and more people.”
Along with this, Dr. Kalam also said that the focus of the country should be towards GDP, foreign exchange, import-export, technology, and economy, along with education, health and nutritious food should also be the priority of the country. Also, read -> What is PVC Aadhaar Card?

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